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  1. mediabros
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am wondering around for a while now, and can't seem to find a solution somewhere, while it seems as quiet common problem.

    I have WP with multisite enabled, now i want to have one theme only for domain.com and one other theme for anything.domain.com's.

    In other words, i want one theme only available for the superadmin, and one theme only available for the multisite admins. So how do i hide a theme for multisite admins but not for me?

  2. Easy.

    Don't network activate the theme you want for your super admin. :)

    Go to the Network Dashboard, click on ‘All Sites’ and edit the site. From there, go to the ‘Themes’ tab.

    There you will see any non-network enabled theme. Click on Enable and the theme will be available on that site.

  3. mediabros
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If that was the case, the default twenty-.... themes would appear at my main domain admin theme panel. but it isn't.

    Maybe my previous post wasn't that clear.

    on domain.com i want a theme1 which says "He join and start your own blog!". When the user signed up, he can not select that theme1 but he can select theme2 and others.

    But, since domain.com, is being treated just like blog1.domain.com the admins also got the same functionality.

  4. Two different things here.

    1) The DEFAULT theme is always TwentyEleven. If you want to change that, it's adding this to your wp-config.php:
    define('WP_DEFAULT_THEME', 'theme-folder-name');

    Change theme-folder-name to the folder name of the theme you want to be the new default.

    2) Only network activate themes you want EVERYONE to have access to. So long as theme1 is NOT network activated, no one else can see it.

    It works.

  5. mediabros
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Great Ipstenu, it worked indeed. Thanks!

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