• Giving you 1 star for deceptive marketing, your plugin is no where near free, clowns

    Who processes only 3 transactions a month? If the free version was 100 transactions or more, it would be a lot less deceptive

    Market your plugin for what it is, a pricey premium paid plugin, don’t be deceptive

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  • Plugin Author edward_plainview


    We have looked at some other plugins and tried to price ours reasonably low in comparison. In order to take a percentage % of each transaction we’d have to come into contact with the coins and we are one of the very few plugins who don’t touch the coins at all.

    Some comparisons:

    Cryptowoo + HD wallet addon = $64/year and only supports BTC, LTC, DOGE, BLK, DASH, VTC, and BCH.

    Bitpay charges 1% or $40 a month for unlimited transactions and they only support Bitcoin.

    Coinpayments claim they charge a 0.5% transaction fee, but its pretty deceiving. Coinpayments gets the coins in a wallet they control take out the .5% fee, then they charge a TX fee to put them back on the blockchain and send them to “your” wallet. All those TX fees add up pretty quickly. And for example for Bitcoin right now they say “We currently subsidize Bitcoin withdrawals so you pay a flat TX fee of 0.00040000 instead of the full TX fee.” That currently equals 4.80 when the average Bitcoin transaction fee should only be like $2.521

    Wow… That’s a tough review and pretty unwarranted IMHO, as the top page of the plug-in details clearly says,

    [ The free license can process 3 sales per month. A flat rate license can be purchased for your account that includes unlimited transactions if you require more. ]

    Pretty sure that’s about as far from deceptive as it can get. Or maybe it should have been in bright flashing red lights.

    Doing a simple market comparison on your own would show the price isn’t outrageous.

    But hey, as the saying goes, Horses for Courses… and this guy seems to be riding a mule.

    As someone who has used this plugin for over two years now as my primary crypto payment gateway I can attest to the fact that it works flawlessly and that the developers are super responsive to support requests and improvement suggestions.

    Depending on the turnover of your business this plugin can actually save you money, compared to the typical 0.05% transaction fee that other gateways charge. That is a decision you have to make. Do the math and see if its viable for you. And take into account that its peer to peer so you don’t have to spend time contacting a third party to release funds in the event of payment issues, with MCC they are in your wallet as soon as the payment is sent.

    The reviewer who gave this a 1 star review clearly doesn’t understand that giving such a rating purely because he can’t read is extremely unfair. Its clear as day in the description. Its normal for developers to offer a free and pro version. The free version is good for testing but for production you’ll need the pro version. Some people just want everything for nothing.

    Thanks, who uses 3 sales per month? I found alternatives for free.

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