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  • I would not recommend this plugin to anyone. I usually don’t say bad things about other people’s developments; but I’m sorry! I had to rate this at a one because the entire set up is very, very confusing. I feel that my review represents the majority of the online audience being that I’m not ignorant to using WordPress, but I’m not an expert in coding either. I have enough experience to tweak a theme and dig into the CSS to make it work for me but not enough knowledge to dig in the coding. So my review is this….

    Compared to other ecommerce plugins, this whole process is tedious and very frustrating. I understand how people want to “customize” their pages and control the look and feel of the layout, but for novices or for someone who wants a easy set up, its not worth the time nor the effort. This is definitely a “different” plugin from others similar, but in my opinion, this is downfall for the plugin.

    When I first uploaded the plugin, everything seemed smooth sailing, but it took me almost an hour to figure out why the products were not on the page and that I needed to use shortcodes. I still have not figured out how to add a image. I did Google the issue and found that someone had the same issue, but after reading their (and others) response, I still didn’t understand what in the world they were talking about. Being that this is the “free” version, I knew if I posted to the support forum, it would be addresses on their time – and I needed an answer, like now. Some things you can post and wait for an answer, but not knowing how to post images is not something you can move on from.

    What I found even more frustration is the documentation. After being confused and then downloading a 20 something page documentation, I was done. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the documentation more than I don’t; but none of the other carts I’ve used had a documentation over a few pages. This made it even more frustrating because now you want to me read 25 pages after I’m already confused about everything – just so that I can become more confused; and thats just what happened. After reading several pages of the documentation, I had a splitting headache. I had wasted hours trying to make this plugin work and was still on the same thing. I could not figure out anything. The only thing that I was able to do was add a product.

    Lastly, I kept getting a very irritating pop up box mentioning something about a Data Tables warning. Again, I google’d the issue and understood nothing anyone was saying about it. So my conclusion is this:

    Most of the people that are rating the plugin high have an expert level knowledge of coding and/or are coders themselves. I know this is true because I’ve visited some of their pages – their experts and/or developers themselves. So of course working with this would be a piece of cake to them. I should have paid more attention to the stars and ratings because it seems like more people are dissatisfied with the plugin versus those that say it was “easy”.

    I really wish I never used this plugin because now I have to start all over with Woocommerce.

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