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  • Hello. Please reference this blog:
    Down at the bottom on the right the border is shifted over to the right by 1 pixel in Firefox. In IE, it’s 2 pixels solid where the footer starts. I adjusted the CSS for the footer by one pixel, which is cool to FF, but IE looks the same. Any clue?
    Here’s my CSS for this particular blog.
    I will kill the pixel with your help! Thanks.

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  • Okay…. move “border-right: 1px solid #959596;” from the first #footer element to the #footer element with the padding, margin etc. stuff in it (this is silly – all of it should be in one place *sigh*). Then in that one instead of “padding:0 0 0 1px;”, you should have “padding:0”.

    Yeah! That’s much better. Fixed it in FF. It goes the other way in IE now, but that’s pretty good. At least it’s not all crooked now!
    Thank you vkaryl.
    btw, I’m taking a class for all this at my local community college. so maybe I can figure this out on my own one day…..

    Yeah. Fixing things for one browser often cocks it up in the other. For stuff like a 1px twink, I will almost always opt for “looks right in FF”, and IE users can deal with it….

    When you get to “learning php” I can give you an addy for wonderful online classes…. probably WAY cheaper than local CC ones….

    I’m all for that! I’m in XHTML right now. also has a little CSS with it.
    I plan on PHP/mysql next…



    *laughing* – they have tons of classes on all facets of web learning.

    kickass is the one who got me started with them…. the php class just started, but they do run them pretty frequently.

    wow, that’s cool! $25 bucks. I think I can probably do that! Thanks for the tip!

    You’re very welcome!

    That’s a K. based theme and you’ll find thousands of posts here about that 1 px footer “misalignment” in K. and its modifications. You’ll have to live with it 🙂

    Yeah – if search worked. Which it doesn’t. Unless you know how to “cheat”.

    I know 🙂 – don’t you?

    Of course. But I really hate having to dink around with it – in this case it was just easier to look at the css and do a bit tweak. Took less time than screwing around with abortive search offsite functions.

    I’d rather play with css than with google. ANY day.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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