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  • mrBZA


    I hope this question is not allready answered in another post. but i looked, and couldn´t find it. so anyway, if it was answered, forgive me, and send me a link to the topic.. now my question:
    I recently updated my blog to wordpress 2.0.4, worked easily, but since I did it, there is an one pixel wide black line at the left and right corner of my headerimage. i can´t find any reason why it is there.. looked at the CSS, everywhere, but it still does not want to dissapear..please help me.. here´s the link –>

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  • koeln


    Perhaps becuase you have a border (border: solid 1px #959596;) around your main-div (named page)?



    now, that wasn´t the problem..
    thanks anyway
    here´s a link to the stylesheet:

    can´t guess what to change..



    try changing your body background from #333 to #FFF



    does not work, i think the part you very talking about refers to the font, so this would only make my font white, the background itself is linked with a background image, anyway i tried to set the backgroundcolor to white, but it doesn´t work either..but thanks for having a look

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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