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  1. Silverboarder
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I know this has been asked a lot but most of the answers/posts i find don't apply to my case (i think).

    I have a website wich uses Magento in its root and I want to have a blog, forum and Q&A section.

    I have installed WordPress #1 in http://www.site.com/blog (uses a modified theme)
    For the forum I used the BBPress plugin but for the Q&A I want to use AskIt (a theme by elegantthemes).

    Because AskIt is a theme by itself, I have installed WordPress #2 on http://www.site.com/QandA.

    Now I want both WordPress sites to use the same login.
    How do i do this?

    I found this link http://kiranthomman.com/setting-single-login-across-multiple-wordpress-27-installs-using-a-single-domain/ but as soon as i change the config and capabilities files i get a not enough rights error. (trying to log in as admin)


    I also looked into the Network option in WordPress itself but it states

    You cannot create a network in the following cases:
    "WordPress address (URL)" is different from "Site address (URL)".

    wich is my case.

    Please help

  2. templs
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I was trying to share user tables on WP 3.3.1
    But defining cookies like kiranthomman described didn't help...

    I found root Cookie plugin which really helped.

    Here is how I did this:

    cookies is a nightmare :)

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