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  • Hello, love the plugin.

    I was wondering if there is a way to make it so if someone has a license key for a domain, then that same license key will work with any subdomain on that domain?

    License key works on
    I would like the ability to set default new license key set ups to allow for same key on subdomains. So in this example, the same key for would work for:


    Would be a nice feature to have available to switch on and off by default. Thanks.

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    Hi, are you talking about a multisite set up? If you are have you install the plugin on the main admin site and also on the sub sites? Or only on the main admin site?


    Just one website, not a multisite.

    Thank you for the reply.

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    Hi, what value have you entered in the following field Maximum Allowed Domains?

    Thank you

    Just 1 – let me explain…

    I’ll be selling a WordPress plugin and to keep it from getting distributed freely online, I am providing a license key – pretty standard stuff, I just want them to get 1 license key for 1 domain.

    My plugin will distribute coupon codes. Many of my buyers will have different products they sell on Amazon so they might not have a single website set up for all their products / brands.

    So I was thinking they could set up subdomains on a generic site, like, for example.

    So to be organized, they could make use of subdomains:

    As it stands, even though these are all on the same top level domain, they’d need 4 license keys. I would be nice to have the ability to allow for a license key to work for subdomains.

    Just a thought.
    Thank you, love the plugin.

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi, have you tried testing by adding a larger value to the number of domains allowed? For example adding a value of 5.

    Let me know if the above helps you.


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