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  • Hi all

    Upgraded last night using Podz excellent upgrade guide and all is good. I love the extra functionality, so thanks WP team.

    Anyways, back to the small probs…

    1. I;m using my old CSS and the side bar has a small problem. All of the custom link category headings have changed from italic to normal, bod and slightly spaced out! I’ve looked for clues but I’m out of ideas.

    Seeing as the #menu is supposed to control both the links & categories etc I’m stuck…any ideas?

    2. The write page function rocks, just what I’ve been looking for and worth doing the upgrade just for that alone.

    However, is there any way to either get rid of the date and time on the page itself or alternatively be able to alter the date and time like you can in ordinary posts. It seems strange that the timestamp function isn’t there.

    Anyways, thanks again to the WP team and thanks to anyone looking in to help


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    For #2, create a ‘page.php’ which will be the template for your pages, and just remove (or add) any tags that you wish.

    Regarding #1, I’m colorblind, so it’s very hard for me to see your site – but from the cursory glance I gave the source – it looks like the <h2> is causing the weirdness. I see the “Six Random Posts” is displaying without the spaces and in italics and it’s missing an <h2> attibute. If that doesn’t work…I’ll look more closely.

    Podz, I assume that I just use the appropriate content from the normal index file for this?

    Ceo, I’m sorry that you have problems reading the site, it’s not something that I’ve thought about before, glad you mentioned it, I’ll get to it on V4 of the site.

    As for problem #2…I’ve looked at the code and can see where you’re talking about. However, I can’t see what I need to change to correct it. The index refers to the H2 for the date but northing’s there about it relating to anything else. Any ideas? Maybe I have to ADD it somewhere?

    Cheers to you both for looking in.

    Podz, I fiddled around with a page file and got that one working so cheers for you help there.

    Ceo, I still have problem #2 to fix though, I’m completelly stuck on that one…any ideas Anyone??

    After looking at it again – you need to remove the <h2> and have those sections be part of your menu – like the Six Random Posts. Or if you want the date to also be in italics, go in your CSS and put “italic” in the font variable and remove the letter spacing.

    EDIT: darn it, the board keeps eating my sample code.

    Nice one, with some messing around I managed to get it sorted…not sure how though!!!

    Thanks to you both.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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