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  • How’s it going.

    Here’s a summary of my WP blog setup and what I’d like to achieve. I have a pretty standard and simple layout to my blog that has the latest posts on the frontpage. I also allow comments to the posts. A visitor must click on the “comments” postmetadata in order to add a comment. Clicking this points the browser to a single post url. Nothing special. That’s all great and exactly what I want.

    Occasionally, I’ll add pictures to posts. Some posts have a couple shots, others have 10+. Is there a way that I can setup WP to display one or two pictures on a post on the frontpage, and then show the rest of the pictures included in the post on the single post/comments url? My premise is to alleviate a stack of several pictures on the frontpage that clutters the page and causes extra unnecessary scrolling. Kind of “clean it up” in a sense.

    I’ve browsed image and gallery plugins, but was unsuccessful in finding anything that packaged this type of functionality. I’m under the impression that, if it is possible, I’ll simply have to edit a couple *.php files. But I’m not sure what to do.

    I appreciate any advice and solutions.

    Kind Regards.

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  • Just for posterity, the answer to this question of how to restrict the images in a post on the front page, use the MORE button to put in the “more” or “continue reading” tag into the post and it will automatically truncate the post on the front page and multi-post pageviews to that spot. The single post pageview will show the entire post and all the photos.

    It’s automatic, no special code. Just use the MORE button and it’s done.

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