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  • Ive been doing some research on integrating a forum for an entire network of sites, Ideally so they have it on their menu if you switch to their blogs… This will be a social networking site so I had been using buddypress as well since as far as I can see its the only real option for that aspect of wordpress.

    Is that possible? and if so which forum setup would you recommend. so far Ive seen simplepress and bbpress but no one seems to give conclusive posts on what is and isint possible with either.

    Thank you

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  • Is the forum per site or just one for the whole network? If you’re using BuddyPress then it uses bbPress for a whole-Network forum.

    thats exactly what I want… do I have to use the internal bbpress installation for it to be fully integrated… menus and all or can an external do that too… as external from the way I understand it offers a lot more options on the management end

    BuddyPres has an option to install bbPress. I would do it that way.

    on the install in buddypress it sets up a unorganized looking forum page, is there somewhere I can at least sort posts by group? that way it has a slightly more traditional look to it

    By group? You mean by BuddyPress group or … By your own defined group?

    In theory on the back end of bbPress you can make your own forum sections and organize that way.

    is it possible to skin the forums according to the child sites, e.g. if you clicked on the forum link on, say, child_site_A, can the forum adapt the theme of child_site_A? And when you click on child_site_B, the forum adopts the theme of child_site_B?

    Also, can I impose restrictions on bbpress forum sections, e.g. members of child_site_A will be unable to view forum sections that are dedicated to child_site_B. However, members of all children sites will be able to view all general forum sections.

    If they all go to the same page, no.

    If they go to, yes.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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