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  • Never had a blog before, but I planned one for my first website back around 1995… er, ’93… oh, I can’t remember – a long time ago.

    So now that I’m diein’, I figgered I’d start something new. Hey, I never said my life made any sense. I’m guessin’ that most folks wait ’til their blogs get loaded up with lots of entries and content before they start braggin’ about it here. Not me. I gave it a couple days, now I’m ready for open house.

    I’ve got 1 Foot in the Grave, found a nice theme I liked and then modified the heck outa it, installed a select few plugins an’ I’m goin’ ta town. I’m hoping I can use it to help others, not only those who also have a foot in the grave, but those who I can offer a little assistance with code, managing websites and forums, modifying computers, flooring issues, getting sober and whatever else I happened to collect experience, information and knowledge on in the last 58 years or so.

    I hope this is fun ’cause, although I have 1 foot in the grave, I ain’t ready to stick the other one in yet.


    Jim with 1 Foot in the Grave

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