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    Hello. I am confused. On my self-installed WordPress blog — — when I went to my Dashboard, I noticed in the “Site Health Status” section of the page it said “Should be improved”. So I clicked on the “Site Health Check status page” link.

    On the “Site Health” page it reports “1 Critical issue”. In the box it says:

    “ detected an error.

    Visit the debugging page for more information or contact support.”

    So, I googled and found Jetpack’s debugging page at

    After entering the URL for my blog and hitting the “Debug your site” button, on the new page, I get:

    “Everything looks great!

    All tests have passed for and your Jetpack powered site looks good to go!”

    However, upon going back and retesting my blog on the “Site Health” page, it is still showing the same critical issue message. In short, there is no indication of what the critical issue is, or how to fix it. So if this critical issue really exists, why does Jetpack’s debugging page report “”Everything looks great!”?

    After this, I went to the Jetpack support forum and discovered that five months ago, one user reported fixing this error by disconnecting their blog from Jetpack, and then reconnecting it. I did this, but again, the same critical issue message is still appearing, but without indicating exactly what it is.

    By the way, on the “Site Health” page, in the “Passed tests” section, it lists twenty-six items with no issues.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support darnelldibbles


    Hi there,

    Did you disconnect and delete the Jetpack plugin completely? If you did not delete Jetpack completely and tested things again with a fresh install, I would try that as well and see if that fixes the issue:

    I debugged the site on my end as well and didn’t see any issues.


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    Hello Darnell. Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

    Well, I deactivated Jetpack, and then used the “Delete” link on my Dashboard’s plugins page to delete it as well.

    Just to play it safe, I even shut down my web server and rebooted it.

    After that, I reinstalled Jetpack from scratch and set it up again.

    Despite doing this, the same aforementioned error message continues to exist on the Site Health page.

    Are you seeing any indication on your end regarding what the actual error might be?

    I do have a related question regarding how to install the “infinity scroll” code for a child theme based on TwentyTen. Should I start a separate thread for that?


    Plugin Contributor James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    At least according to tests from our end, Jetpack is working properly at

    Considering that, I suspect the result on your end may just be a false-positive. Are you having any trouble using Jetpack besides this?

    I see you have your Infinite Scroll question over at we’ll be there soon. πŸ™‚

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    Hello again James. Thanks for responding. Much appreciated.

    The problem is that I am a perfectionist. So even if it is a false positive, now that I know that it is there, it bugs me! πŸ™‚

    I use a very limited number of Jetpack’s features, because I already use a lot of plugins — 33 actually — and I don’t want to overload my web server, which runs on a ten-year-old iMac running El Capitan.

    Regarding trouble with Jetpack, other than this error problem, and trying to get Infinite Scroll to work, as I mentioned in the other post, the only thing I have noticed is that the “Related Posts” feature does not appear to be working. It is not that important of a feature to me. Thus, I disabled it.

    Oh, on a side note, I imagine that you and I are separated by thousands of miles. I was wondering how bad my blog’s load time is on your end. An old computer and long distance/many hops — but high-speed connection — may not give you the best results. πŸ™‚

    Plugin Support Fotis


    Hi there,

    If Jetpack is working without any issues and you’re still getting that error, then I would suggest disabling all the other plugins on your site in case there’s a conflict.

    Thread Starter WordWeaver777


    Hello Fotis. Thank you for replying. I am assuming what you really mean to say is “I would suggest disabling all the other plugins on your site in case there’s a conflict [and reactivating them one at a time in order to determine where, if any, the conflict lies.]”

    I am including that there just in case someone else comes along, reads your comment, and thinks that you are saying that I should disable all plugins and just use Jetpack. πŸ™‚

    Nah . . . too much time and trouble. James thinks it is just a false positive, so I’ll just leave it. My blog appears to be working fine, and I wouldn’t have even know that error exists unless I had gone in there. I’ve lived with it this long, so . . . πŸ™‚

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    Plugin Support darnelldibbles


    Yep, I agree with @fstat that it is most likely a conflict with another plugin, but with 33 other plugins, I don’t necessarily blame you if the issue is simply a false-positive. πŸ™‚

    I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved, but of course if you have any other questions or issues, please let us know.


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