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  • Sanjay



    I’m currently hosting my website on a Single Core, 2GB RAM, CentOS 7, cloud instance on Linode. Is there a tool or method to figure out if my this is good enough or if I should upgrade to a more powerful server.

    My CPU & RAM utilization is under 1% when checked via top or free command.

    Any pointers or support is appreciated.


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  • The above configuration is good for a wordpress site you can go ahead and setup your wordpress over it.

    Thread Starter Sanjay


    WP is already setup.
    I’m trying to understand what metrics to measure & how to be aware when I Need an upgrade.




    It will depends on your setup. For instance if you have a very bulky database more than million rows in it, also if a single post fetch hundreds of meta from database to fetch than 2GB ram could be deemed soon as couple of visitors hit the site.

    Otherwise 1Core and 2GB ram more than enough for your needs 🙂



    You’ll know when to upgrade. You’ll see your site running slow, gettign errors, and genrally having problems. That’s when you need to do something about giving the server more resources. If it’s chugging away happily as it is now, then leave it as it os.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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