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    1) When I try to log in to my website, it says either my username or password is wrong. I am quite sure that my password is correct. My username should be my email address. However, this doesn’t work to log in.

    2) The reason I am trying to log in is that I received an email from my webhost saying I may have a virus with my one of my plug-ins (Contact Form 7). It reads:

    You are receiving this automated email from our Action Center.
    Your email address had been entered as the primary contact address for the respective account.
    During a routine scan, our system has detected files containing malicious code on your account ###########. In order to protect the visitors of your website, we have renamed and blocked these files.
    * REASONS *
    In the most cases the causes of malware are security breaches in outdated systems like CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), shops, etc.
    Please log in immediately to the technical administration of your account and follow the instructions in the menu item
    “Action Center”.

    It instructs me to update my plug-in as soon as possible to bring it up-to-date, and if this is not possible, to delete the plug-in.

    3) First, of course, I need to be able to log in. I can get to my website – – but cannot get to my dashboard by adding /wp.admin. Without my dashboard, I cannot make the changes recommended by All-Inkl.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • First. edit your post above to remove your email address, or you will get spam. Plus, you mentioned that this is your username so it should not be made public.

    Next, use your hosting panel to check the username and change the password in the database (guide). Don’t forget to take a backup of your database before you make any changes.

    Finally: follow this guide to resolve the malware. It’s quite lengthy as once infected, the process is more complex than just updating plugins and themes.
    Or, restore the website (files and database) to a pre-hack date (your host may have backups they can offer) and immediately address the security (change passwords and update plugins/theme/wordpress).
    Or use a hack repair service.

    Good luck!

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    Your username here on these forums is what you’re suggesting yes, however that’s not the same as your website.

    WordPress is software, like Microsoft Word. The login you use on your own site is not the same as your login here on the forums. The two are not connected. They both run WordPress, but this isn’t like Facebook. It’s not a centrally controlled entity. Your website stands alone.

    Looking at your site, your username might be something like “newbicyclebill1”, or something to that effect? Since the site is old (WordPress 4.7), then it may not allow logins via email address like newer versions of WordPress do. If you want to be sure, you would need to check the users table in the database to find your username, but try something like that username instead. Might save some time.

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    I am an old guy (well, older). Dealing with website stuff leaves me sweating buckets.So thank you, barbarnez (@pidengmor)nez. I will go through the guide to see if I can figure things out about the malware. And thank you, Samuel Wood (Otto). You found my username when this klutz couldn’t. Got my dashboard now and am over the moon.


    Happy to hear that you got in.
    Good luck!

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