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  • Hey there, I am working on an Android app for an organisation I volunteer with, and I need to be able to post a blog, and have it come out to 2 url’s on our server, each with a different template.

    For those of you familiar with Android, what I am doing is using Webviews, for those not, it means I am essentially running a scaled-down browser with no url bar, that will load a certain page when the app is started.

    What I need, is for someone in my organisation to be able to post a blog, and have one go to the url (for example),, with a full featured theme that will be linked to on the website, and the other go to, say, where it will display as nothing but the blog content inputted by the user. That is to say, all that will show is the title, author, and actual blog, none of the normal things present in out full-featured version. This page would not be linked to on the website, but rather only on, which will be where my app is directed.

    I won’t bore you with all the reasons for doing this, just that I need to know if it can be done, if it can be applied to the blog pages already in existence, if comments posted on either page can appear on the other, and if anyone would be so kind, how, or at least a start.

    I guess if you needed the situation simplified, we need to post one blog, which will appear at two different url’s on the same server, and have two different templates, but the same core blog. It would also be useful to be able to do this with other pages, but not entirely as important.

    All help is extremely appreciated, thanks, Chris.

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  • Anyone? It occur to me that maybe I could try using a mobile plugin, however change the mobile template to fit my needs, and set it so that rather than detecting the user’s device and displaying the mobile site automatically, it would only be accessible by entering the mobile address. Then I could link the app to that address. Could someone tell me if this is feasible?

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