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    just for your info really (sorry , but i cannot give you any more details as it’s a live site where i needed to downgrade back to 1.3.1 immediately)

    but in a nutshell. i had 1.3.1 running for quite a while, then – just a few minutes ago – saw 1.4, updated to 1.4, checked the site , and forum/topics/everything was gone (as in : not displayed at all, just some text/summary that is usually displayed above the list of forums/topics etc)

    going back to 1.3.1 brought it all back

    again, sorry that i cannot give you any more info at this stage but i simply cannot take this site/forum down for debugging things at the moment

    just thought i’d let you know

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • PS : this might of course also be caused by some customisations of some css i did, so am not really apportioning blame here and am just sharing my experience

    I *might* find some time in the next few days to see what happens if i copy the whole shebang to a test environment to see if this is replicable

    i will post back here if i get the chance if i do – of course

    and one last thing for now (and i promise i shut up for now after this )
    the site/forum that breaks is this:

    (in case you want to have a look at the plugins/theme running)

    Plugin Author veppa


    We tried Kale theme that you are using and found that when first “bbpress WP tweaks” activated it sets default wrapper file to index.php. In some themes including Kale, index.php shows excerpts, so all forum content is converted to plain text and trimmed to certain amount of words and forum becomes not usabe looking like regular text.
    To fix it choose page.php file as forum wrapper, it shows forum pages unchanged.

    In future we may remove setting index.php as default wrapper so users who installed plugin first time will not encounter similar problem.

    Can you please check if it works for you and let us know. Thanks.

    Problem after upgrading to 1.4: When I click on any forum link to see subforums, the screen goes blank and hangs (on desktop and mobile devices).

    I deactivated bbPress Tweaks and the problem went away (and so did my forum sidebar which depends on bbpress Tweaks). I would like to go back to the prior version of bbPress Tweaks that was working, at least until 1.4 is fixed. Can you tell me how to do that?

    If you want, I can re-activate the bbPress Tweaks plug in and send you a link to the site so you can see the problem.


    One more note on my previous post: On my mobile devices I get this error message: “The theme directory ‘pub/minileven’ does not exist”

    Hello same problem with the GameLeon theme. I have selected page.php it works but it does not suit me, my forum.php page allows me to have the forum in full page without any widget, can you correct that?
    Thank you

    I put my page forum.php and it works again.

    Things seem to be working again:

    I had deactivated the 1.4 plugin update, so I reactivated it. In Settings I chose single.php (which is what I had to select with version 1.3.1 in order to get the forum sidebar to show up in my Twenty-Seventeen theme). Voila. Links started to work again.

    Thankful and hopeful it will keep on working!

    >To fix it choose page.php file as forum wrapper

    hmm, kind of fixed

    i changed forum wrapper to “page.php” when still running 1.3.1
    then updated to 1.4

    it broke again, as the forum wrapper got reset to “index.php” .
    so i had to change it to “page.php” again

    i consider this resolved for now as the above seemingly makes the update behave, but you might want to look at keeping previous settings when updating

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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