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  • Resolved Aaron Reimann


    I updated to 1.3.4, now data like this is not displaying the start_date data:

        [wpbb-if post:pods_display field='start_date']
            <span class='calendar-start-date'>
                [wpbb post:pods_display field='start_date']

    If I remove the wpbb-if logic, the data is displayed. I used “WP Rollback” to roll back to 1.3.3 and it fixed the issue.

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  • Same here, though I did not think to try removing the “if” logic.

    Rolling back definitely fixes the issue. Other Pods that don’t disappear are either a) using “wpbb post:pods_display” etc code (without the if) or b) using Pods templates to display.

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    Thanks for the report, looking into this to see what might have caused this issue.

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    Finally tracked down a way to reproduce this. Will get to work on a solution tomorrow.


    Just lost half day debugging to understand what was breaking my website
    Lucky I found it on staging
    Reverse to 133 fixed the pb

    Similar experience on relational data. I have a customer working on a site with several CPTs with quite a few fields in each CPT. He reported that fields were missing here and there in the frontend. This has happend within the last few weeks without any of us having edited the pages. So I suspect some update in December has changed something fundamental.
    I’m using BB Pro + BB Theme + Themer + Pods Beaver Themer Add on.
    I haven’t dug into all of the cases, but let me focus on one that is different from the above, since it is involving fields from a relationship CPT:

    On one CPT “Regent” I have a Pods relationship to “Books”.
    I’m presenting a list of related books on the single record of a particular Egyptian king/regent.

    <div class="uabb-blog-post-section">
    [wpbb post:pods_display field='ophav']
    ([wpbb post:custom_field key='aarstal'])
    [wpbb post:custom_field key='titel_kilde']
    [wpbb post:custom_field key='udgiver']</div>

    The shortcode [wpbb post:pods_display field=’ophav’] fails to show up.
    If I change it to [wpbb post:custom_field key=’ophav’] it works fine.

    I’m using UUABs Advanced Posts module presenting the related records with “Grid”, but I have just reproduced the issue with BBs own posts module. Same situation.

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    I’m having the same problem with these fields not showing up since updating to 1.3.4. I just went back to the previous version and all is displaying correctly again.

    Plugin Author Scott Kingsley Clark


    I wanted to reach out and confirm we do have a fix for this but it’s going through some extra testing to be sure it’s not causing another breakage. Thanks for your

    Pods Beaver Themer Add-On fix: (ZIP:

    Pods fix: (ZIP:

    You will need both updates to get around this. The releases should both go out tomorrow.

    Sounds good. Thanks for the fixes. I’ll report back shortly after the release.

    Plugin Author Bernhard Gronau



    I’m sorry that happened to begin with :/ that’s on me! Sadly it took longer than I thought for a proper solution as we encounterd some edge cases on the way!

    We did test it and it should be released soon – thanks for your support and understanding!

    Happy New Year

    Hi Scott and Bernard:
    I feel very confident with you on the case.
    Thanx for your thoroughness and dedication!
    And a happy new year to you.

    Plugin Author Bernhard Gronau


    Quick update – short delay – waiting on a fix for an unrelated issue in Pods so that both releases go out as Pods Beaver Themer depends on Pods 2.7.26 for one part of the fix.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Plugin Author Bernhard Gronau


    and done 😉 !

    The update seems to have solved my problem. Thanx a lot. 🙂

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    Yep! Fixed. Thanks!

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