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  • Still have to put ‘fr’ in the wp-l10n.php file in order to get the admin files translated – setting WPLANG in wp-config.php doesen’t seem to be enough.
    (“$locale = ‘fr’;” on line 4 of wp-l10n.php)

    And still a weird problem with an overlapping link in the edit interface, which prevents anyone to create/edit a post.
    This is what appears in the admin :
    The link explaining what’s a trackback goes under the whole line, the following text field, the following three buttons, the checkbox and the “timestamp” text. Basically, it goes from the normal trackback href to the following href (under “?”)
    This is the translation in poEdit:
    …and a copy/paste in DreamWeaver:
    …which would show that the translation is not part of the problem.
    Weirder : The problem went away when I upgraded the PO file to match the latest POT file. Yes, it did! And then I upgraded to 1.2-delta, and it’s back… Shoot me 🙂
    Updating the 1.2-epsilon-RC1 didn’t solve the problem, I’m eagerly waiting for the latest POT.
    Please : what am I doing wrong ? Does anyone have this problem with his/her install ?
    Est-ce qu’un français pourrait faire le test de son coté ?

    The Post Slug seems to just delete foreign accents : “message protégé” => “message-protg”. Maybe there’s a plugin/hack for that I don’t know of…

    In the Edit page, the date is marked English-style (i.e. 2004-05-10 10:37:08 am) will the settings state “d/m/Y” and “G:i”.
    Link Manager page has no strings in the POT.
    … and some more. I know the latest post is not complete nor up to date, so I’m just gonna wait for the next one 🙂

    Latest WP+french translation is up here :

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  • Xavier
    You are the man. I am working on the hindi translation and it happens the same way with me too. With WPLANG setting in only wp-config.php only the Links screen works and nothing else. But the moment I put the $locale=hi in wp-l10n.php everything works fine. Thanks for the hint.
    But it still is a bug. Would someone be nice enough to look at it.

    Don’t thank me, thank Eke 🙂

    I’m guessing there’s an unmatched anchor tag in the translation file.

    I’m working on the WPLANG problem. I’ll publish a new POT file real soon now.

    POT file updated. I changed wp-blog-header.php so that wp-l10n.php is included after wp-config.php. This means that the “There doesn’t seem to be a wp-config.php file” error at the top of the blog header cannot be translated.

    I have also updated the pot file for the Hindi Translation. I am consistently getting a fatal error when I save the pot file using windows version. Here is the log
    16:33:57: G:\hindi\wp-l10n\hi-with-error.po:1232: ‘msgstr’ is not a valid PHP format string, unlike ‘msgid’.
    Reason: The character that terminates the directive number 1 is not a valid conversion specifier.
    16:33:57: msgfmt: found 1 fatal error
    Is this okay, as I am able to use the file on my development install. Thanks

    I upgraded to nightly of 05/14 and I still have to hard code hi into wp-l10n.php. Were you guys able to get it working without hard-coding.

    The conversion specifier error is safe to ignore. WPLANG is fixed. Get the next nightly.

    Update about the link overlap problem : solved!
    Grrr, I thought about it while falling asleep : maybe poEdit is keeping the older version in the file. So instead of finding the string by typing “trackback” in poEdit, I did in NotePad, and found out that there are two instances of the “Trackback an URI (separate…)” string : one in simple edit mode, one in advanced.
    As my settings where on “When starting a post, show: advanced”, I set it back to simple, and there you go : it works. The problem resides in the advanced part.
    And that’s where I understood : while the simple edit mode uses one string, the advanced mode uses two, “Trackback an URI” and “(separate…)”. Of course I couldn’t find the second string, as I was looking for a link in a string containing both Trackback and an Href…
    Well, in the end, you were right Allusion : there was a missing closing tag at the end of the second “(separate…)” string.
    Now I’m gonna find a hat and eat it. And update to the latest nightly.
    Thanks for listening.

    rboren : update to wordpress-2004-05-14, still have to manually set $locale to ‘fr’ in wp-l10n.php…
    “define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr’);” in wp-config.php doesn’t seem to be enough…

    yep. if you search for my posts on translation, they are all still valid. i will not repeat posting them since I guess you are (or should) be aware of the bugs/missing translation strings by now 😉

    Same situation for the Swedish trans.
    Though the number of elements translated that were previously hidden has been reduced. Will work on the latest .pot soon.
    sv_SE is the language/country code placed in WPLANG, works when substituted for en_US in wp-l10n.php.
    That’s a clean install of 1.2 rc1 and and upgrade to 05-14.

    marvin, problem fixed and POT file updated.

    Thank you!

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