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    Hi guys,

    Some feedback on the latest release.

    1] Post comment
    Love you implemented the Post comment option when it comes to the comments source.
    But you have gone with the full comment. Which is not feasible in a lot of cases.
    (also in regards of fomo, a tease of the full comment often works better then the full one … but … I just think flexibility should be key)

    There should be a user settable word limit for that I think.
    That way users can decide if they want;

    0 – Full post comment
    or any number which represents the amount of words they want. Which then can be used in a simple trim;
    wp_trim_words( $comment->comment_content, 10, '...' );
    where the 10 is the amount of words.

    2] Avatar, while I get the selection for Gravatar there are some reasons not to want to use that. One being local avatars, no desire for additional external calls etc.

    It would be awesome if you could include an option for using something like this for a local avatar;
    $avatar = get_avatar($data['email'], 100, '', $data['name'], array('extra_attr' => 'title="'.$data['name'].'"'));
    as an additional option to gravatar
    $avatar = get_avatar_url( $data['email'], array('size' => '100',));
    Which is the main difference between a normal avatar action and gravatar,

    Hope you would consider that.

    Best regards,
    Patrick Dankers

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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