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  • poldixd


    me too:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /XXXXXX/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-piwik/wp-piwik.php on line 751

    Plugin Author braekling


    Looks like you are using a deprecated version of PHP.

    You should upgrade at least to PHP 5.3. Older versions of PHP are no longer supported by the PHP team itself.

    See (current PHP downloads) and (PHP 5.2 reached its end of life status at 6 Jan 2011).

    Also the latest versions of Piwik (since 2.0) require PHP 5.3.2 or greater, see
    WP-Piwik requires Piwik 2.0.2 or higher since (release 4 months ago).

    As a workaround until you are able to (or your hoster is up to) update PHP, you can comment the callPHP function in wp-piwik.php:

    Find line 741:
    function callPHP($strParams) {
    Change to:
    function callPHP($strParams) { /*

    Find line 757:
    Change to:
    */ }



    Thank you! I added…

    AddHandler php53-cgi .php

    to the .htaccess and it works. My hoster is

    Plugin Author braekling


    Thank you for this hint!

    I will add this to WP-Piwik’s FAQ section.

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    Thanks for the quick help 🙂

    Art Project Group


    Works fine.



    Using PHP 5.5.3, also getting this error. htaccess-fix doesn’t work but downgrading on piwik 9.9.8. Hoster: Domainfactory.

    Piwik-Version 2.2.0 running.

    Plugin Author braekling


    I had a look into my Domainfactory account. The latest PHP version offered there is 5.4.9… can you recheck this? (df standard seems to be 5.2.14)

    You can also check your PHP version by using phpinfo:


    If you are sure about your PHP version (5.3+), please post the full error message here.

    Thank you.



    I am running PHP version 5.4.19 (confirmed with phpinfo). After updating to the latest version of the plugin, when I try to access the admin area, I get the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /wp-content/plugins/wp-piwik/wp-piwik.php on line 751

    Also, I have the following line in my .htaccess file:
    addhandler x-httpd-php5-cgi .php

    I had to disable FastCGI for some reason that currently escapes me.



    To clarify, I still get the error message. I had previously disabled FasCGI for other reasons and was just explaining as much in my previous post (which I cannot edit for some reason).

    My previous post was meant to indicate that I still get that error with PHP version 5.4.19 with FastCGI disabled.

    Plugin Author braekling


    1. Can you try this tool
      and check if there is a hint regarding your PHP version?

      Maybe you can see something like

      X-Powered-By => PHP/5.2.17

    2. To check the PHP version with phpinfo you should place your test file into WP-Piwik’s folder… can you try this? Some users reporting this issue set their PHP version to PHP 5.3+ in their hoster’s admin panel, but had a .htaccess configuration switching PHP back to 5.2.


    That tool doesn’t indicate any PHP version information, unfortunately.

    Running phpinfo from a script placed in the WP-Piwik plugin folder, the PHP version is 5.4.19.

    Plugin Author braekling


    Line 751 in contains
    Piwik\FrontController::getInstance()->init(); should show the error in line 749, doesn’t it?

    So we should discuss the question: Why cause namespaces an error in PHP 5.3 or higher?

    Can you try to execute this example on your server?
    (Copy file1.php and file2.php to your server and run file2.php)

    If this also causes an error, you should contact your host service and ask them about the PHP version, the PHP setup and namespaces. Otherwise I have to continue checking what’s wrong with WP-Piwik.



    Running file2.php throws no errors and shows a page with only the text “212”.

    Plugin Author braekling


    And the example works in your WordPress home directory and in WP-Piwik’s directory?

    I’m quite sure there is something wrong regarding your server configuration. In a German community different users are discussing a similar problem… and everybody can fix the issue by checking the configuration (hoster settings, server settings, .htaccess):

    Maybe you can ask your hoster for some help? Can you tell me your hoster’s name? (The issue is known with Domainfactory and 1&1, both German hosters).

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