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  • these are old db entries that were there before upgrading to .985, so maybe that’s why???

    Show raw Requested_URIs instead of shortened ones – CHECKED:
    03/04 13:26:43 /dlfiles/AutoClipXINS.exe
    03/04 13:24:00 /photos/abandoned

    UNCHECKED (chars missing):
    03/04 13:26:43 /utoClipXINS.exe
    03/04 13:24:00 /andoned

    not all of them are truncated though

    permalinks: /%post_id%/%postname%
    WP is in /public_html/wordpress/

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  • Plugin Author MikeSoja


    Strange. I’m running one blog with your settings and not seeing it, but I have very few visits to look at, and with nothing like dlfiles or photos in the path.

    I am seeing extra spaces on some lines.

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    So, if I understand, your R.URIs look something like…


    But your permalink structure says “dlfiles” should be your post_id, ie., it should be a number.

    So, is “dlfiles” a category, a tag, or something else? Is there always an extra such folder name in your URIs? Where does it come from?

    ‘dlfiles’ is an obsolete URI, but some bots are still requesting it. what i was pointing out is how it’s displayed if raw URI’s is disabled – it’s missing chars – should be ‘AutoClipXINS.exe’ (even though the file no longer exists)

    the other one is active though ‘/photos/abandoned’ – that displays as ‘/andoned’ if i disable raw URI display, where the beginning ‘ab’ is missing

    this is the actual URI:

    for me it doesn’t matter since i’m interested in the raw URI

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    Is “photos” a category or tag? Where does it come from?

    From what you’ve told me, your Req URIs should look like…


    … unless someone clicks a category in which case the format would be…


    … with “category” being the actual word used.

    Or, wait. Your pages are pages, and not posts? Shouldn’t make a difference, but I see this:

    Permalinks to pages don’t work
    If you’ve tried to navigate to a newly created Page and encounter an error, you likely need to update your Permalink structure. Remember, each time you add a new static Page to WordPress, new rules must be generated and updated to .htaccess (WordPress 1.X) or to the internal rewrites array (WordPress 2.X).

    So, is “photos” a sort of page with three posts in it?

    Still don’t know about the missing letters, but there’s something funny going on.

    The program tries to parse your Req URI using the permalink structure as a guide, but these entries don’t seem to fit that structure, unless I’m missing something.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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