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  • Ever since updating to earlier this week, two of our WP widgets (WP 3.5.1 Multisite, IIS 7, Windows Server 2k8, fully patched and configured for FastCGI etc.) no longer seem to be able to refresh content. The first is a “Featured Gallery” widget that is just some PHP code to query for “featured” tags and display the output. This worked fine up until the latest update, but now in order to get the gallery to choose another featured image, you have to clear the cache (before, a new image was presented at each new session or browser refresh).

    The second is a sidebar menu using WP menuing and .current-menu-item css. Where as before each new click on the sidebar menu would reset the current-menu-item, now the output is cached and a previously current menu item is highlighted, again until the cache is emptied.

    The theme includes a WP menu in the header, and this works as expected – it’s only the sidebar menu (which is contained in a widget) that appears to be caching current-menu-item content.

    Everything worked as expected with enabled, we’ve been using W3 Total Cache for a year or more. Anything I can do or check for?

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