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  • Hello,
    I have installed the latest wp-ui 0.8.5 plugin on clean wordpress 3.5, created accordion in admin widgets with ‘WP UI widget’, 4 panels, but saved and then I am not able to edit any panel on this created accordion. Clicking on the Panel1, Panel2 etc. links not working, not opening its textarea to put or edit the contents.
    Is WP-UI not fully compatible with wordpress 3.5?? Many people placed it as broken. May be some settings make it work. But atleast it should work in default with wp 3.5 with default settings.
    Its a very good plugin for such advanced controls but a waste if not fixed soon, loosing its users’ popularity.
    Please someone fix it and also let me know if some setting can fix this. I have tried various combinations of advanced settings in admin but no gain.


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  • It even doesn’t work while latest jquery is added

    An athor doesn’t answer the questions since August so it’s time to switch to another tabs plugin… 🙁

    Yes, this plugin is totally waste product now.
    The best alternative is to use Twitter-bootstrap plugin, . It has all the shortcodes for creating tabs, accordions, buttons, tooltips, badges, etc. The light weight, latest standards, responsive and easy customizable css.

    With WP 3.5, the wp ui admin widget intro window will not close, so mce editor becomes unusable.

    Odd, generally it appears to be working for me on WP 3.5, though the JQuery styles don’t appear to be applied.

    Just curious, what is your install setup, WP & PHP versions? Also, has anyone discovered any plugin conflicts?

    Yes, I’ve discovered that Mini Twitter Feed broke my tabs. However, this morning there was an update of the Mini Twitter Feed that fixed it, my tabs are working again.

    @siriusly, have you read this post well? the topic title itself and everyone commented here clearly the versions used, but you still asking? (WP UI 0.8.5, WP 3.5, PHP 5.4.3).
    The issues exist with plain wp3.5 with no other plugins installed, so not an issue of plugin conflict. 16 people polled it as broken on its page, and many people posted issues in its support forum still unresolved, that means its seriously not working.
    @jeroenhn, me and everyone other commented here are not using ‘mini twitter’, but we are facing hard issues with this in many admin adn fronted places. Since the plugin moderators/developers are not interested to fix or respond on it, there’s no meaning to use this plugin.

    I already have suggested for twitter bootstrap plugin earlier above , its best and modern and I am using it on many sites without any issues.

    @shashank Shekhar: Yes I read the post well, and no one had posted their PHP version until now. I am exploring all avenues because I am actually working on helping to find a solution to what broke with WP 3.5. I like the plugin and because it is currently in use in a number of my sites. I cannot upgrade to WP 3.5 on those sites without completely re-working any accordians and tabs if I switch to the bootstrap plugin. I will share the solution with the community if I figure it out. It is unfortunate that the author has abandoned this plugin — it was a good one.

    @shashank Shekhar: For what it’s worth, I’m successfully running the WP UI 0.8.5 plugin on WP 3.5 on various sites.( and

    The combination of said twitter plugin and the WP 3.5 update is what broke it on one of my sites, however an update of that plugin fixed it again.

    Just telling about *my* experiences – who knows it helps someone or perhaps points to a possible solution.

    try to use cirilic as a tabs titles…

    found a conflict with WordPress Poll contacted the Author
    also conflict with Widget Logic Visual
    using the Wp ui in a localhost Seems to be working fine with 3.5 in that got it deactivated on live site but will be using it on there again soon

    I haven’t been able to solve the problems, unfortunately. I don’t think author is interested. For accordians, I’m using jquery collapse-o-matic plugin now. Lightweight & nice shortcodes.

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