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  • In the latest nightly Matt has introduced bigger buttons for the login/register forms. These look really ugly in Safari (Mac), because Apple’s browser “macifies” the buttons on web pages. The “Login” button therefore has the same size as before, which leads to a disproportionate look. See >>

    In Firefox everything is fine >>

    Besides from the fact that Apple should definitely stop the button macification (which also ruins the QuickTags feature in the WP editor), i liked the old size of the form elements better – the new ones have too much of a kindergarten appeal from my point of view. What’s your impression?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Similarly huge in FF on PC here.
    Visualy impaired friendly ?

    Maybe the first signs of accessabilty tweeks?
    The quicktags thing is a safari-javascript glitch. The fix is here: they don’t work quite right but they do appear.

    I don’t think one should call this a Javascript “glitch”. Safari is well capable of Javascript, it just “macifies” the optics of certain GUI elements deliberately (which is also the cause of the above mentioned problem).

    Since Apple proclaims open standards a lot, this behavior of its browser should be changed, i think.

    Fair enough. My statement was solely based on the first few lines from the other thread:
    function the_quicktags () {
    // Browser detection sucks, but until Safari supports the JS needed for this to work people just assume it's a bug in WP

    I do prefer the rounded macified buttons though 🙂

    The fact is many people (myself included) like buttons in my web browser to look like the OS…

    Well, so do I. Most of the time. I think Apple should make the Aqua look an option in Safari and not the default. That would be the best solution from my point of view.

    And when it comes to Mac browsers – i’ll wait for Tiger Safari and Firefox 1.1 and then decide which one to choose as my personal default. Right now i use both, depending on the site i visit.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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