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    I’m trying the plugin with the “twenty eleven” theme, I configured the file wp-content/012-m17n-config/config/config.php for two languages​​, Italian by default and English.
    I have two problems:
    # 1 English is the default
    # 2 In the homepage there isn’t an English Italian switch-flag.

    Should I change any php file of the theme?
    The plugin works with the “twenty eleven” theme?


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  • Correction: in the backend everything is ok, but in the front-end English is the default language, and there isn’t the languages switch

    Plugin Author Wang Bin




    マルチ言語 switch リスト
    if ( function_exists( ‘pml_multilingual_list’ ) ) $ml = pml_multilingual_list();
    echo $ml;
    if ( function_exists( ‘pml_multilingual_list’ ) ) pml_multilingual_list(true);
    Bread Crumb:
    <?php if ( function_exists( ‘ps_012_m17n_bread_crumb’ ) ) ps_012_m17n_bread_crumb(); ?>


    Plugin Author Wang Bin


    Mr. peppe01

    please refer to the config / function.php.

    Switch list Multi-Language

    Please add the following source to head.php.

    <? php
    if (function_exists ('pml_multilingual_list')) $ ml = pml_multilingual_list ();
    echo $ ml;


    if (function_exists ('pml_multilingual_list')) pml_multilingual_list (true);

    Bread Crumb:

    <php if (function_exists ('ps_012_m17n_bread_crumb')) ps_012_m17n_bread_crumb ();?>

    Reference site

    Thanks for the quick response Mr. Wang Bin
    I’m sorry, maybe I did not understand. I tried for a week.
    1) I tried to paste the code in the header.php theme of twenty eleven
    2) I tried to install other themes
    In any case, the plugin only works in the back end, the switch does not appear in the front-end
    3) The problem may be the WordPress version 3.4.1. ?

    The trouble is I’m not a genius of php, could you tell me more clearly the code, the file and the place to paste it?

    thanks again

    Everything works but I dont get the flags in the header. No mather what I do or try..

    Tried it in different themes but no luck..

    Please help

    Answered in another post

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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