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  • Our goal was to have our Shopify store on the same domain as our WordPress site for SEO purposes. Our web developer suggested we use this app as on paper it looked good. Unfortunately, the app does not work as it should, the product/collection sync would never finish syncing, always get stuck on about 90% and the collection descriptions would not sync over to WP. Also, every time we would sync from Shopify to WordPress the app would duplicate all the products and collections again in WP, so we ended up with 10-20 of the same product/collection which was very confusing and ended up causing listing errors and wasted time in trying to fix. After one manual sync, every product on our store ended up linking/redirecting to the same product. Our web developer ended up having to restore our website (our website was down for hours) and resulted in lost sales and dollars.

    We paid extra for the “Pro” version with dedicated support through the private slack channel – what a joke – the link for the slack channel goes nowhere and the only way to get in touch with support is through the WP forums. Our web developer emailed the app creator with no reply, and posted a couple of posts on the forums to try and reach support. One post was replied to after days of waiting and the other post about how to access the the dedicated support “private slack channel” has still not been replied to from 7 weeks ago. It became apparent to us that WP Shopify is a one-man band and unfortunately Andrew (the app creator) offers his Pro customers poor support.

    Over 6 weeks ago we informed by Andrew a patch would be released within a couple of days to fix the issues we were experiencing – the patch was not released within a couple of days or weeks, and to the best of our knowledge, has still not been released. We were left with a crippled e-commerce site and couldn’t make any updates for months as we waited for the patch to be released. We made an executive decision to not rely on this hopeless app/support any longer. We removed WP Shopify and setup our Shopify store on a separate domain – which is much more stable and causing us no more unneeded headaches. Do not waste your time and money with this app.

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  • I run multiple sites with the WP Shopify Free and Pro plugin. The link to the Slack channel works just fine. And many of the issues you’re describing can be tackled by reading through the documentation on the website:

    Even if the plugin is a “one-man band”, you get A Lot for it being free.

    Plugin Author Andrew @



    Hey there. I’m really sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the plugin.

    The syncing and duplication issues have some pretty easy fixes, but unfortunately it looks like I wasn’t able to help you in time.

    To be transparent, the last couple weeks have been exceedingly busy for me. I am indeed a single developer managing this plugin and it can be overwhelming at times to respond to everyone in a timely way. Some weeks are much lighter than others, and I think your messages simply got lost in the shuffle. I’m very sorry about that!

    I’m hyper aware of the fact that my communications are getting slower. It’s my fault for hiring help. But of course that’s easier said than done as well.

    I do appreciate all of your feedback though. It helps me make the plugin better, so thank you.

    @animesaulo I owe you a beer!

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