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  • Arne



    Some of you experienced the issue, that Google Webmaster Tools showed all pages of the sitemap as “submitted”, but none of them as “indexed”.

    I’ve talked to Google about this behavior, and they confirmed it was a issue with the presentation in Google Webmaster Tools. It was resolved Friday night and should already be fixed in all of your sites now or later today. It was just a presentation issue, the actual index of your blog was NOT disturbed in any way.

    If you still don’t see any indexed pages, please check:

    • That you have verified the right website. As explained in this blog article, Google differentiates now (since end of march!) between http / https, www / non-www and root / subfolder. So if you run your blog on make sure you add to Google Webmaster Tools and as your sitemap. If you add or you will NOT see indexed pages!
    • That your sitemap does not have any errors. Your sitemap might contain warnings, for example when your website was loading slowly when Google tried to crawl it. This is not an issue with your sitemap
    • If your sitemap contains links to pages which are not available, try to find them in WordPress and check which plugins you have installed. The plugin reads all posts from the post table which are published and don’t have a password. If something appears in your sitemap, it is in your WordPress database.

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  • conservativeread


    ever since 4.0.2 my home web page cache will not clear it is staying static for about an hour. is it a time zone issue with the server or a problem with vers. 4.0.2 ?? thanks in advance.



    should I change robots.txt file to versus adding the www ?



    I have a problem like yours.
    I had 16 indexed pages on Google but now just one.
    Day by day google cleared my index pages. Just sitemap.xml link remained on google. This clearing process started 15 days ago.
    I couldn’t find what can be a problem. Google webmaster tools gives me 500 Internal Server Error. I can access by myself or otherwhere but bots ,facebook debug says 500 errror.They can’t access.
    I checked .htacces file , file and folder permissions, robots.txt file… There are no problem.
    I don’t know but I think this problem’s reason is sitemap plugin.

    Can you help me if it can be a reason of my indexing and 500 error?



    I just realized that my sitemap.xml link was deleted my post links list. There is just 4 links on sitemap file.So, they are not relative my posts too.I couldn’t realize that because of cache. When I refresh it, I saw my links dissappeared on sitemap.xml.How can be this? What can be reason?



    my issue is with hostgator sorry for the confusion this plugin is working fine.



    I solved my problem so so..
    I created a php.ini file and reset to memory 40MB-60MB something like that .So I increased the php memory.
    Than google acccess to my site and removed 500 server error for my website.
    I didn’t know why my sitemap link shows me a just 4 link. I have just realized it. This is the new feature which is dynamic sitemap 😀
    But still just homepage indexed, other 14 pages are waiting for 3 days.
    and How/Why occured this problem , I couldn’t find what can be a reason..

    I ve just run my site
    truyen ma And it indexed very slowly. Thanks for this topic. So thanks.


    My site used to have 259 out of 260 pages indexed. This morning the index was 0, even after resubmitting the xml sitemap it remained 0. Yesterday my server was down for a short time due to a resource capacity issue which was caused and solved by the server guys. All my other sites on the server work fine including all the other xml sitemaps for the other sites being indexed except for one. Any idea what to do or is this a google issue?



    prior version of your plugin worked great, today i updated your xml plugin to 4.0.8, will it work with WP 3.7.5?
    it shows now sitemap submitted, and even more pages than before, but zero indexed.

    Anonymous User 853254



    I installed your Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin latest version on a site.
    In GWTs I get this error message: Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

    The error gives a url like this as the problem:

    I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it, still no change.

    I have unticked to include the html site map (page)

    I have unticked the sitemap option in Yoast SEO Plugin as well

    I use Simple Sitemap Plugin for the html site map page

    The domain is verified.

    I resubmitted and still get same error in WMTs. Your plugin works fine on other sites using the same theme and plugins.

    What else can I do? Please assist:)

    I’m still experiencing this issue. It’s been more than a month now. I have checked all the points you have listed, there are no issues with the setup and config.

    The “0” started to show up a month ago, and still the same. Links are all indexed on Google, but I have lost almost all of the rankings to products. Not 100% sure if it’s due to this, but there is no other reason I can’t see why at the moment. All our products (WooCommerce Store) were ranked in page 1 (locally in our country). Nothing now…

    hi Arnold in the last four weeks I have several customers with sitemap troubles,
    I tried all your points, nothing 🙁
    site:yourdomain.tld is showing very old entries but not the homepage
    more or less panic by the siteowener

    after changing the sitemap plugin, all troubles are gone..

    I haven’t found the issues, but I can’t believe that this troubles are in the databases…
    I only know that the troubles have a “date”, the first week on february,



    Hey Everyone, I don’t know if this will help with the google webmaster tools issue but my issue was a 404 from my sitemap on the home page. My hosting company figured out the problem. Thank GOD, it was really killing me.

    In WordPress under:
    uncheck “Custom Structure”
    check “Post name”

    This made it work for all sites. I had to change hosting companies so many time that I think this setting was intervertately changed during the process. Anyway I hope that this helps others too. God Bless, Joseph

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