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    When using the PayPal Standard gateway and choosing to ask for donors’ addresses, if Address Line 2 (suite, apartment #) is left blank in the GiveWP form, when the address information is transferred to PayPal to complete the transaction, there is a ‘0’ in Address Line 2 rather than being left blank.

    Is there a way to stop this and have the field be blank when the donor arrives on PayPal?

    Is there a way to accept addresses using the PayPal Donations gateway? Or does that require coding or purchasing the Premium package with the Form Editor add-on?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Contributor Ben Meredith


    Hi @sean1986505

    Thanks for the report there with the second address line sending invalid data. I’ve escalated that to the team to have a look. You can follow up on that here:

    The other issue is a known feature request, that the team is already working on. See that here:

    I am going to mark this as resolved here so that you can follow those feedback posts for more. Thanks!

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    My concern is that even if we asked donors to delete the ‘0’, many might accidently not do so within PayPal. It seems like this could cause problems with billing addresses.

    If I use PayPal Donations gateway and use the form editor addon to add an address form, is this ‘0’ glitch occurring? (With Paypal Donations, would a custom field even be passed on to Paypal?)


    Plugin Support Rick Alday


    Hi @sean1986505,

    Happy to clarify. Custom fields created with the Form Field Manager add-on are not sent to the payment gateways.

    At the moment, your options are to wait for the update (we don’t have a timeline yet since it’s not a major issue that prevents donations from happening) or disable billing fields altogether.

    Thread Starter sean1986505


    Thanks, Rick. Is the ‘0’ glitch only occurring with the Paypal Standard gateway when it sends it to Paypal?

    Since I’m deciding whether we may need to purchase a package with the Form Field Manager, I just want to confirm that if I set up custom forms, we won’t need to go through and remove 0’s (even if it’s just within the plugin)? So, this glitch is isolated to this one form on PayPal Standard?

    Along this line, using PayPal Donation gate way – but selecting the ‘standard transaction option – is essentially the same thing as using the PayPal Standard gateway, correct?

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