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  • Thanks in advance if anyone figures this out ….

    I would like the past 31 days of posts to be displayed on my main page. I have this set in the options reading tab in wordpress. However, my page is still showing entries dating back to 2002 that i’ve entered. If I request 10 days of posts to be displayed it shows entries to 2004 and if I request 1 day, it shows entries from April 24th. does anyone know what is wrong here? i have been manipulating my theme (removed time from the post) but even when i put it back in, nothing seems to change.

    *please* let me know what’s wrong or how i can get around this.

    see for what i’m talking about.


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    What plugins are activated that could have anything to do with display ?

    Probably it is a misunderstanding of the “# of days” issue.
    WP will not display the last 30 calendar days, but the last 30 days when it finds a post.
    So, if you have 10 posts in 2006, 5 in 2005, 3 in 2004, 2 in 2003… and you set it to show posts for 20 days – all the posts above will be shown!

    the problem was what moshu recounted. now ‘fixed’.

    my follow-up question is this: since all archives and categories are also set to the past 31 (or X # 0f) days of posts, if the category or month has more than 31 days of posts, how can i make that archive show all posts rather than simply the 31 days? If it is more convenient, is there a link i could put at the bottom of the page that could allow readers to go back further than simply the most recent 31 days?

    thanks again!
    – n

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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