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  • yow wp’ers, whatsup?

    i am now some time busy with wordpress, and I know how to install themes, bring some changes, add pages, etc.etc. the basics in short, i know. but what i dont like is the so amazing, many scattered topics to guide me that I had to ask on this way.

    my question is: I want to design my own single page wordpress website which looks likes (from top to down)

    <slider, with on it 3 coloms of separate text>
    <todays 3 actions, where people can click for more info, and subscribe>
    <subscribe to newsletter>
    <footer, with my own elements>

    So, who can guide me to realise what I want, i would be verry happy if you keep it short and clear as possible.

    thanks enzo from netherlands

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  • esmi


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    We can only point you to the resources that explain how to create a theme. Everything else is custom HTML, CSS and scripting – although you could use plugins for the slider and newsletter.

    You could provide some contact details so that we could help you in developing your website.

    i would really appreciate that.

    [email address moderated – these forums do not provide support via email]



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    @adhil: Please do not solicit contact via email. Posting your email address or asking others to contact you off forums is really frowned upon here. This is to protect users and to prevent people from trying to solicit work or harvest email addresses from the forums.

    Additionally, the point of these community-based forums is to help each other in a public space so that the whole community can benefit from the discussion and any solutions proposed. Private discussions take this benefit away. If you would prefer a one-to-one discussion, please try or

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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