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  • Hi, I am not sure about this… I have finally gotten around to playing with version 1.5 and in category sections, posting teasers appear ending with […]. I assumed those, or a ‘read more’ suggestion at the end of a teaser like that would be hyperlinks (that is the first thing a user would click to go to the post, or at least that is my impression of what a user would do, if interested at all after reading the teaser). Click the […] and off to the complete posting they go… but the title of the posting teaser is the only hyperlink to the full posting. I guess my question is… is this something in my installation (though I don’t think so as I see it in other installations with the default theme)? Or something that is ‘fixed’ by adding a plugin?

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  • The Kubrick (default) theme and some others uses the_excerpt() tag for category and archive pages, which is what’s generating “content summary …”. Open archive.php for your theme (and category.php, if it has one) in a text editor and where you find this:

    <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

    Change it to this:

    <?php the_content(); ?>

    If you’d like to retain excerpts, just add to it something like:

    <?php the_excerpt(); ?>
    <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">read more</a>

    Excellent! Thanks Kafkaesqui.

    Now I will have to learn more about ‘the_exerpt ()’ and see if I can make the […] become the hyperlink.


    AHH! I just remembered! I bet this has to do with Web Accesibility Initiative Guidlines (WAIG)! This is probably why the […] exists to signify there is more info, and the title is the link… can’t have repetitive links. WAIGs, I remember, call for each link on a single page to be different. So no repeating link names like ‘read more…’ or […] for that matter.

    Though, this does, I think, make the page less user freindly for the majority of users who are not useing any assistive technologies… one of the trade offs I suppose… Easy enough for those capable to simply click the title after they click the non hyperlinked […] a few times and learn it is not a link… So I suppose I will revert back to the original default… until I get around to building a theme or two. Must read all that great documentation.

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    I’d note that nothing other than the design of your template/theme is forcing you to use the title as the post link.

    And I happen to be prejudiced towards the plugin macmanx links to–which I’m about to start work on the next version of, so if anyone has any suggestions for improvements (follow the link and comment)…

    Hi there, sorry for adding a new “theme” to this thread, but I have a little problem with my index.php This is nothing new, just the normal excerpt link, however, when I click on the Continue Reading link it opens the full text, BUT without the excerpt text, so if I use 1-2 paragraphs of a text as an excerpt – those paragraphs dont appear in the full text version. Is it possible to make it work as the <!– more –> does – opens the full text, from the place where the tag has been inserted, but displaying the full text, not cutting out everything before the tag? thx

    <h2>” title=”Permalink”><?php the_title(); ?></h2>

    <?php ($post->post_excerpt != “”)? the_excerpt() : the_content(); ?>
    <p class=”info”><?php if ($post->post_excerpt != “”) { ?>” class=”more”>Continue Reading<?php } ?>

    If the excerpt is not included in the content of your post, why not simply use both the_excerpt() and the_content() together on your single post template (assumedly single.php)?

    Thx for the reply kafka, but could you plz eleborate on that, what should I change in single.php? if i have this:

    <div class=”entry single”>
    <h2>“><?php the_title(); ?></h2>
    <p class=”info”>
    <?php if ($post->comment_status == “open”) ?>
    <em class=”date”><?php the_time(‘F jS, Y’) ?><!– at <?php the_time(‘h:ia’) ?>–>
    <!–<em class=”author”><?php the_author(); ?>–>
    <?php edit_post_link(‘Edit’,'<span class=”editlink”>’,'</span>’); ?>

    <?php the_content();?>
    <p id=”filedunder”>Entry filed under: <?php the_category(‘,’); ?>


    thx in advance

    Just add it above the_content():

    <?php edit_post_link(‘Edit’,'<span class=”editlink”>’,'</span>’); ?>
    <?php the_excerpt();?>
    <?php the_content();?>
    <p id=”filedunder”>Entry filed under: <?php the_category(‘,’); ?>

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