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  • What the heck is going on? Every time I make a new post and save it, wordpress is tacking two question marks after every period. It seems to be associated with the <br /> tag, but I can’t be sure. It never happens at the end of a paragraph, but every period I lay in a paragraph before the end gets the ??. Anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? My only jerry-rig seems to be saving the post, then editing the html to remove the marks. If I just do it in the WYSIWYG they come back.

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  • Strange characters usually has to do with one of two things:
    1. Character encoding, the safest is to use UNICODE, UTF8.
    2. Extraneous characters due to copying text from a formatting program like Word or a browser.
    That’s a NoNo – Don’t ever!

    For hunting down other possible causes, please give us a link, so we can have a look at the problem.

    Keep in mind I have edited out most of the question marks, but there may be some in recent posts.

    and yes, i am using UTF-8

    Well, we know from your first entry, that you edit out the erroneous question marks, so it would be much more helpful indeed, if you pointed us to a certain post, that contains the error, rather than having a possible helper hunt for them throughout your blog.

    You got it. I posted something this morning and it has the same effect. I have not touched anything.

    This is really strange. Those seem to be ordinary question marks. And they don’t seem to depend on <br />, as, as there are no breaks in that post ( improbable anyway ).

    What editor do you use when you write the original text?
    Is it the Rich Editor that goes with WordPress, the text or HTML editor in WordPress, or an external editor?
    Or is it possibly a tinyMCE, that you plugged in yourself?

    You have a JavaScripts linked in. Is it possible that one of them parses the page and adds the ?????

    By the way, have you checked if the question marks are saved with the text in MySQL database, or are they generated when the post is delivered?

    Agreeably more questions than answers 😉

    The last question, I have no idea how to determine that.

    As to the editor I use, I use the default editor in WordPress, the one with the buttons across the top. Re-editing the post in html always corrects the issue. Re-editing the post in the editor fails, and in fact, every time the post is edited and saved it adds another two ?? to the end of each incident in the post.

    I don’t think I have any javascripts plugged in… which do you mean? I have added one blogroll and added the comment spam plugin… that is all that I am sure I have added to the original template.

    Well, hopefully someone else will find this thread, and a solution for you.

    The dafault editor should work of course ( that’s the one called Rich editor, which is a version of TinyMCE )

    Your Javascript files are not “plugged in”, but the following files are linked in as <script type="javascript">:

    Some of this is for your comments authetication and for tinyMCE for comments, the rest I don’t know of. None of them seem to be part of the original theme.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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