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  • Where do y’all get your graphics for your templates? I see some really nice ones out there and wonder if there is a website. However, googling has come up with some odd places. 😉

    I know about Comstock, but I wonder if there’s somewhere better.

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  • I would venture to say they create their own. As far as stock photography, I have used stock exchange.
    I don’t remember where I saw it, but I know someone has a site with some replacement headers imgs for the default theme.

    Hundreds of thousands of the photos at flickr are under Creative Commons, and thus available as graphics for your blog provided you observe the licenses selected by the owners. My blog uses such photos, not all of which are my own work. Here’s a post on CC at flickr:

    Try It’s what I use with my clients, and has very nice, cheap ($1-$2) photos and graphics.

    There is also a list of resources for header art and other stuff at

    Didn’t I post a reply post awhile back (LESSON: …), which remains largely ignored, that listed some resources?

    And if you want to stick with Kubrick, someone recently posted some gorgeous header graphics, with many new ones added every day! (I envy his creative energy!)

    Go here: And plan to spend some time just gazing at the great images!

    joni did you add your lesson to the codex? it may be less ignored there, though don’t quote me on that

    jonimueller: I thought I had put links to all the Lessons in my files but I can’t find the one you are referring to. We’re still working on adding the Lessons to the Codex. I sure wish they continued here, as they were so popular.

    joni: thanks for the kudos, and you are right, I added some new art. Kubrick now has 104 images and I have added a new album containing 24 generic images that are 800px by 200px. These can be used for other themes by simply resizing them. I will be adding more to this album tonight.

    There are now more than 200 images available. The first milestone will be reached at 300 (c’mon, somebody send me some images).

    I have to admit. There are some really nice graphics on that site. I am always in awe of anyone with the talent to make art.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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