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  • howdy. two things i’m tryin to wrap my head around here….

    1) Ive created a “page” template that contains all of the wp loop in it, but I only seem to be able to get the default category to display with the entries on the page. I set up a new category that I only want to display on the new page template. how can I control what category displays on the pages I create?

    2) Is there a way when viewing a “page” to display the comments link, like a normal entry rather than the whole form showing up? I want commenting on, but just would rather have the comments link like a basic entry.



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  • 1. For 1.5…
    Quick but restrictive way:

    Somewhat more adaptive way:

    2. Can you explain a little more what you mean by “comments link?” Are you saying you want comments displayed, but the comment form linked to? It’s not clear to me what you’re looking to do here.

    2. I think you mean that you can display the comments and coment form on a page, but cannot use <?php comments_popup_link(); ?> as you can in index.php. The function doesn’t do anything if (is_page()).

    I don’t know if it’s the best way, but it’s the method that first popped into my head: You could write some javascript that would make the comments and form appear/disappear when you click a link.

    Anyone know of a nicer way? It’d be nice if you could override the _wp_page_template meta datum with a URL argument. Then you could make two templates and adjust your rewrite rules accrdingly.

    hey thanks alot you guys,

    Kafkaesqui, i’m going to try those links you posted now thanks!

    and to try to make it more clear on #2 if I can.

    on a normal entry on the main wp index the comments () link appears at the bottom of the entry. clicking on that brings up the form for someone to comment.

    when I create a page, what I’ve been doing to display the page on my site is to use the link that the page uses. which is by page id if I’m right on that. ex heres the link structure to the page I created:

    maybe this is where I’m going wrong a bit. I havent had much successs with putting the “page” into another directory like I would for a section of my site, ex:

    where my page would actually be an index.php in the about directory.

    Ive had header path problems, and looking at other themes it appears that pages that I make need to reside in my theme folder, is that correct?

    I realized writing this post that its been my experience when I display a specific entry on an index by post id (and now by page id) that the comment form shows up at the bottom of the entry. rather than the comments () link.

    id appreciate if theres a better way to display a page that will make the entry show the comments () link rather than the form at the bottom, that would help out alot.

    I hope that makes a bit more sense, and mdawaffe I think what you mention is what I was getting at, only youre using better “speak” than I was able to. the js idea is pretty neat..

    Pages created through Write->Write Page should automatically get a permalink of (for example) if you have Permalinks set up and your .htaccess is writeable. You shouldn’t make actual directories.

    Also, to automatically list links to all your pages, you might check out

    ok, i havent touched my permalink structure yet, as it makes it hard for me to see whats going on while im figuring out things, like post id and category id’s, i’ll switch that when i get all the functionality figured out that i need… thanks man. and also for that link.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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