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[Resolved] "-2" appended to page permalink

  • Hello,

    I have a page called “Photos”, and I created a page under it called “2004”. I expected the permalink to be “/photos/2004/”, but WordPress appended “-2” making the permalink “/photos/2004-2/”. I think this may be because there used to be another page called “2004”, but that page was deleted. How can I get the permalink “/photos/2004/” for my new “2004” page?

    Thank you

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  • WordPress does this for double permalinks. If there is no duplicate page just go to the editor and change it by hand. Click on the permalink right under the post/page header to edit it.

    I have attempted to edit the permalink, but it changes right back to “2004-2”. I can change it to something like “2004foo” but not “2004”. There is no other existing page on the site called “2004”.

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    Changing the permalink by hand won’t work if there is a dupe page. Go to the Page listing and empty the trash.

    No trash is listed, and there is no ’empty trash’ link showing. The overview of pages is as follows:

    All (27) |
    Published (26) |
    Draft (1)

    I have found that this is not specific to just the “2004” page, but all pages whose title is numeric. I even created a test page called “999432” and the permalink url had “-2” appended. This tells me that my first idea, that this had something to do with an old deleted page having had the same title, was a red herring.

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    Fully numerical pages seem to be disallowed in WP because of the default archive date structure, as in 2012/1/1 which would be the archive page for January 1st, 2012.

    I just tried to make a new page with the title and slug 2004 on my test server and got the -2 suffix. So that’s the case: fully numercial pages slugs are disallowed.

    This makes sense. Thank you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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