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  • Hello fellow WP Enthusiasts,

    Two issues have suddenly risen from the shadows in the last few minutes. And I am perplexed.

    I just added a subdomain to my top domain ( When I typed in the new domain to review it, I was immediately redirected to where my business blog sits:

    Thus, I went into to wp-admin, and changed the address of my blog, under the impression that switching it back would be the remedy if anything drastic happened as a result. Instead, two things happened.

    1. My painstakingly SEO’d and designed template vanished, leaving only the bare bones components (just look at the ugliness) and..

    2. Even better.. I cannot log-in to wp-admin. Instead I am redirected to a variety of .php pages. There is only one page that I can access via the admin area, and that is Write-post or page.

    Cache has been cleared. And I am growing balder by the minute.

    The reward. Knowing that “free support” has no gratification, besides good will, I am offering a free 15 minute consult for your online or offline business. At $400 per hour, 15 minutes with somebody who knows and will tell it to you straight, very well and has been proven repeatedly can shave years off your learning curve, turn disasters into profit makers, and deliver the answers that have been eluding you, up to this very point.

    Thus, if anyone would care to venture their quick fix, and can save me from having to get programmers on it, the first to remedy will be rewarded for their effort. If you can save me time (my time is money), I very well may save your business, and / or the lifestyle it has created.

    Email: Directly: [AT] gmail .com

    Fast response times to those who invest their wordpress genius into this effort.

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. Ask anything. Clients get brutal honesty. If you are thin-skinned, I’m not for you. I won’t reveal any of my niches, or disclose confidential details of my businesses or Clients’.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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