¿WP_Forum changes any files of my WP? (3 posts)

  1. HotJoint
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello to everyone

    I just created my personal blog and i was thinking a forum was a good idea to promote the comunication in my comuniy so i tryed to insall WP-Forum.

    I ran the installation using the new on line installation wizard in WP 2.7 and the result was a lot of code lines on the header of my blog and, of course, the plugin not succesfully installed.

    So i did this:

    1) I tryed to deactivate the plugin in the admin but didnt work
    2) I renamed the plugin folders name and then magically all this code lines and everything dissapears of my header and the forum was normal like before the plugin.
    3) I went to my Database and erase every table this plugin created

    Ok now it seems the plugin is deactivated and i dont have any table on my database, but i want to be sure, so my question is:

    Im used to work with other systems such SMF, in this forum system when u install a plugin this one inserst lines of code in the core files and tempalte files, so when u want to erase a plugin is a little messy cuase u have to erase manually all this lines.

    In WordPress im not sure if this happens too, i dont this this becasue:

    1) It seems every plugin in WP have their own folder and make any change on this folder, usually are on /plugin directory of WP
    2) In the specific case of the plugin WP-Forum u have to create a custom page so u can actually see the forum, this makes me think this plugin doesnt affect any core or tempalte files at all.

    Well this is what i think, but, it is true? Plugins doesnt adds code to the core of template files of WP?

    Thanx for the answers.

  2. Samuel B

    Posted 7 years ago #

    Well this is what i think, but, it is true? Plugins doesnt adds code to the core of template files of WP?

    you are correct - no core files are changed or added to.

    Also, I've installed this forum for several folks and it seems to work well with WP

  3. HotJoint
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Many thanx for the answer now i can sleep hehe. So deactivating a plugin is all u have to do in order to completly remove it?

    Well of course u have to erase the folder and any DB table, but thats all? if this is correct i just love WP.

    :) and i will check that forum system, thanx

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