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  • Ok. I’ve been beating my head against a wall all day now. I have a WP site I’m developing for a client. One form is adding %E2%80%8E to the address set in the action tag when you submit it.

    Background on the problem…

    The site uses a plugin to allow PHP in widgets. This particular form uses PHP to create one of the fields (city). I have disabled all widgets, including the one for PHP, reverted back to the default WP theme, checked my code in the form, checked my database to make sure everything is UTF-8, searched for the strings in the database and even looked at the page source in my browser. That string doesn’t show up anywhere. I have changed the permalinks to all the default variations, including not changing the links, and it still does it. I have even pointed the form to an external site that doesn’t have WordPress installed and the string is still appended, even if I point the form to a specific file. I have tried a different plugin to allow PHP in widgets, to no avail.

    I think that covers everything I’ve read and tried. Here’s a link to the page with the form. Just submit the Quick Search to see what I mean.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. There’s nothing funny about the form other than the little snippet of PHP that creates the city field. I have even tried URL encoding the values in that field, but it didn’t help.

    The featured listings list to the left of the form uses the same PHP widget and those links work fine (The page it goes to is ugly because it’s not finished, but there’s no extra stuff in the link…)

    Thanks in advance if you have any ideas.


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  • Do you mean your permalinks?

    The permalinks seem to be fine. The only place I get this funky string added on is from the form in the widget on the home page.

    Yep. That’s what I’m getting too. Only from the form. I have seen a couple posts about it and the only one that actually fixed it said they changed the name of one of the form fields. I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t work. Very weird problem.

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