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  • В форме для отправки комментария не отображается поле Проверочного вопроса. Не прикрепляется больше 1 картинки, хотя настроено 3. При перенастройке допустимого количества фотографий на 1 продолжает выдавать в форме Добавить другое изображение в виде активной ссылки. Ссылка ведет в начало страницы. Отзыв приходит на почту без прикрепленной картинки. Пришлось удалить из формы пользовательский флажок дисплея, так как проставленная галочка исчезает и возникает сообщение об ошибке, форма очищается, нужно заполнять все заново.
    Автор практически мгновенно ответил на отзыв, что очень радует. Дал ответ по всем вопросам. Поэтому ставлю 5 звезд за его ответственность и неравнодушие к пользователям.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Hi polisvip24,

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your site. If you would like to resolve any of the issues you mention, please let me know. I think that USP is an excellent plugin worthy of 5-star review. Most users are very happy with no issues whatsoever. So it sounds like something like another plugin may have been interfering in this particular case. But if you feel the need to just leave a bad review to hurt the developer and get revenge for a free product that costs you literally zero dollars, I totally understand.

    For the sake of any other users out there, allow me to respond to your five complaints (translated from Russian via Google, please pardon any poor grammar):


    1) “The Check Question field is not displayed in the comment form.”

    USP does not provide any comment form. Maybe this is where the confusion is originating. USP is a post-submission plugin, not a comment plugin. And if you want to display or not display any of the fields, you can do so easily right in the plugin comments.

    2) “Do not attach more than 1 picture, although it is set to 3.”

    When working properly, USP displays a link that the user can click to add another File(s) field to the form. You also need to set the max number of allowed images in the plugin settings. Then it works just fine.

    1) “The Check Question field is not displayed in the comment form.”

    You already mentioned this. Please see number #1. above.

    2) “Do not attach more than 1 picture, although it is set to 3.”

    You already mentioned this. Please see number #2. above.

    3) “If you change the permissible number of photos to 1, it continues to issue in the form Add another image as an active link. The link leads to the top of the page.”

    Normally this does not happen. When you change the number of allowed images to 1, the “Add another” link is hidden. If that is not happening in your case, something is interfering. Most likely there is a JavaScript error or something on the page. The reason I say that is because of your statement, “The link leads to the top of the page.” That usually is a good indicator that there is an error with JavaScript.

    4) “Feedback comes to the post without an attached picture.”

    There are two settings to display uploaded images in post content, the “Auto-Display Images” setting, and the “Featured Image” setting. You need to enable one or the other for images to be automatically displayed.

    5) “I had to remove the custom display check box from the form, because the ticked tick disappears and an error message appears, the form is cleared, everything needs to be refilled”

    Normally the “Agree to Terms” checkbox works just fine, as many other users will attest. Based on your 3rd complaint, I am guessing that the same JavaScript error that is affecting the “Add another” link also is causing problems here. Again, usually it works 100% awesome, but if there is an error with your existing JavaScript, of course there will be errors.


    Again, if you would like help with any of these issues, please post in the plugin support forum. I am always glad to help.

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    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    polisvip24, Thank you for reconsidering and updating your review. It is really appreciated and helps greatly to keep this plugin going in the long run.

    If you decide to use the plugin and would like further help, please reach me anytime via my contact form. I will do my best to help you get up and use the plugin successfully.

    Thanks again, polisvip24.

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