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  • Просто странно что столько положителбных отзывов – в базовой нет даже метаописания и ключевых фраз!!! Полная ерунда, а не сео плагин

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    @fierevere this is not a valid review. The ‘user’ is blatantly telling lies with red herrings about the operatives of the plugin. Review their profile; it’s toxic.

    – Нет основных метатегов: That’s actually all the plugin does and should do.
    – метаописания: It’s in the slug of the plugin for a good reason.
    – ключевых: No plugin outputs these, they’ve been fully deprecated by search engines since 2014.
    – не сео плагин: Yet that’s the name of the plugin, also for a good reason.

    The user could’ve reached out to us (as much as the other 1-star reviewer should have; since that’s a Yoast SEO trace issue, not caused by TSF).

    I’m referring to

    Moderator Yui



    But its definitely not spam.
    Lies or not, we cannot know if user intentionally saying so, or they simply havent found the way how to use it.
    If you need normal translation of this review, let me do this for you, maybe Google does not translate it correctly.

    Просто странно что столько положителбных отзывов – в базовой нет даже метаописания и ключевых фраз!!! Полная ерунда, а не сео плагин

    Its very strange that plugin has too much positive reviews. Base version is missing meta descriptions and focus keyphrases. Simply nonsense as a SEO plugin.

    definitely. not spam.
    The rest is valid as a review too.
    1 star review happen. Your response is important.

    PS: If you need further communication related to this review. Use Slack channel #forums. Any moderator will be happy to assist/explain you.

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    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Thank you for the professional translation, and your approach to this issue; but, you’ve unintentionally affirmed that I was correct doing my own translations, @fierevere ゆいさん. The review is undoubtedly integrally a lie, and from where I’m standing, it isn’t based on objective discernment nor subjective perception. Both of which I work tirelessly mitigating.

    This isn’t the first bad review I’ve received for my work. I always do my best to help all our users–it’s why you barely see any negative reviews. If the reviewer wants to discuss what went wrong, I’m more than open to it, and I’m sure we’ll pinpoint the root cause of the problem that instigated the review–within a day, if not a few minutes.

    However, this review is filled with red flags, and that’s why I marked it as spam. Due to the unapproachable nature of this review (being in Russian, with severe misjudgment, and a subverting opening statement), I also very much doubt any conclusive discussion will lead from this; so, I’m communicating with you instead of the reviewer.

    I’m open to further discussions via Slack–I just wanted to speak my piece publicly, since my response is important.

    Moderator Yui



    Your plugin is translated to russian, therefore you can expect it will be used by russian speaking people, who may leave a review using their native language.
    Its permitted, there is nothing bad to use other language than english in reviews.

    About misjudgements, i (and i asked other moderators too) think you are making a misjudment here too. A “lie” and “misunderstanding” are different words and have different meaning.

    There are some advices for you:

    The author is confusing “lie” with “misunderstanding” I believe

    It may be a mistake or misunderstanding by the OP. The author has no way of knowing that it’s a lie (e.g., that there’s intentionbality). And whether the OP reached out to them is irrelvant. The author has the ability to put out the correct facts if the OP is incorrect.

    and finally:

    I’d say this is likely a user misunderstanding how the author intended the plugin to work (perhaps a good opportunity to improve the documentation/user onboarding for the plugin?)

    And let me remind about Slack again.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    I feel that you’re undermining me, @fierevere. I’ve replied to your comments in Slack, and I’ve provided proper argumentation that this review is a libel. You can find the archived response here:

    Your reply to my argumentation reads:

    So , do you want to delete this review as “spam & lie” ? Sorry, there are no such guidelines. Review will stay.

    Because there’s no guideline, wouldn’t it be wise to put more thought into it, as our judges and lawmakers do? In fact, wouldn’t that be an excellent place to take some wisdom? In this case, libel is illegal in 23 states, and, coincidentally, also in 23 countries of the EU. The UN also supports this in ICCPR(17). There’s must be irrefutable reasoning supporting those laws, and I’m sure that once you stop to think about that, you’ll understand.

    Again, I want to speak my piece publicly since my response is important. Yet, I believe that due forethought in WordPress’s governance is becoming far more important.

    When I see a one star review, I often check the background of the reviewer to get some perspective (e.g. Is the reviewer generally satisfied and appreciative of the open-source community, but not in this case?). In this case I can see that this reviewer has left 5 reviews in total, all of which are one star.

    Please ignore this review. I have used The SEO Framework plugin on many dozens of my sites and it works really well. I am well-versed in SEO and have helped many of my clients to rate at the top or one of the first 5 on the first page. I’m looking for a donate link as the developer deserves it!

    Здравствуйте. В защиту автора плагина могу сказать, что плагин рабочий и надо отдать автору должное – он постоянно работает над обновлением. Молодец!

    Что касается отрицательного отзыва пользователя, то это скорее всего сказывается его маленький опыт в работе с WordPress, а точнее – отсутствие опыта. Да, это неприятно, но такое бывает, здесь все зависит от пользователя – на сколько он коммуникабелен и его способность в самообучении, тем более, что Автор данного плагина всегда оказывает бесплатную помощь.

    Всем разработчикам, которые делают ссылки на пожертвование для плагинов, хочу посоветовать добавить другие платежные системы, например Webmoney, а не только PayPal. Мне не жалко поддержать финансово человека, который делает полезные вещи для других, тем более, что для своих сайтов я использую около 20 бесплатных плагинов и 2 платных.

    Продолжайте развивать ваш плагин! У вас отлично получается все!

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