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[resolved] Reducing opacity only on background post and not content 3 meyerwp 2 years
[resolved] Changing percentage opacity of background behind text 3 meyerwp 2 years
[resolved] Excluding command in index page from customized css 3 meyerwp 2 years
Since update the arrow from one post to the next is gone 17 Andrew Nevins 2 years
Image sizes in spun 7 Andrew Nevins 2 years
Show all posts in a category 1 staceyadmin 2 years
remove menu from static front page 6 salsaturation 2 years
Reduce margin top in posts 3 Gabri99 2 years
SPUN CIRCLE VIEW 1 muru1406 2 years
Feature image in circle is being squashed 2 steves_turn 2 years
After Spun theme update some Images are distorted in circles 14 Andrew Nevins 2 years
5 circle layout instead of 3 2 Andrew Nevins 2 years
Browser, IE problems 6 lhurlz 2 years
Full colour of the circles, no transition 1 KowalskaAnia 2 years
Can I have sticky posts that are always on the front page/ 1 edbeckmann 2 years
[resolved] How to remove featured images from posts 3 doublejinxed 2 years
[resolved] tagline display on home page 7 deardiy 2 years
How do I put video on top of circles? 1 Brian Holloway 2 years
[resolved] Having the sidebar on the right but not in the home page 8 Ajisai 2 years
Can't get rid of multiple videos. Please help 1 Brian Holloway 2 years
Upgraded Spun theme, now child theme not working 14 rachellucie 2 years
[resolved] Keep Sidebar on the bottom and add one to the right 13 Ajisai 2 years
[resolved] Invisible posts 22 Gabri99 2 years
[resolved] Some Post Content Not Displaying 3 singlesoliloquy 2 years
[resolved] Reduce margin from top to Circles 5 Gabri99 2 years
Caroline Moore - Spun Theme 6 shanej2k 2 years
Using the landing page circle links grid on other templates 2 verdilak 2 years
Andrew Nevins Help!! How to Center Posts on Front Page 1 Jmcowan 2 years
[resolved] Circles on subpages hardly visible in Firefox 12 ShaiRoelud 2 years
Set front page to display only specific categories? 2 Andrew Nevins 2 years

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