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  • Seems pretty restrictive.

    This sort of error happens to me on IIS when I don’t add read permission for the web user to files that I add to the site. Note that the web user may be a different user than the one that is used for FTP. Usually the username starts with “IUSR_”, and often on hosting accounts the rest is the name of the domain.

    I just tested my hypothesis by removing the read permissions (explicitly denying them, actually) to the plugins directory for my IUSR_EMPIRE2 user, the web server user for my desktop system. I see this message in WordPress: “Plugins are files you usually download separately…Couldn’t open plugins directory or there are no plugins available.”

    How you can set this permission on a Go Daddy server, though, may be a question for Go Daddy support.

    It’s also possible that WordPress uses one of those restricted functions to gather plugins. A brief look-through of the source doesn’t yield any hits though, and I would think you’d see a PHP error instead of a friendly WordPress message if this was the case, but you never know.