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  • @michael,
    Yea, I thought several times about moving that to the bottom of the page…truth is, I travel out of B’ham a lot and I like to know the weather here if I open my site (again, its not ‘all’ for the viewers)….I will def. take that into consideration however….As far as the Cal. goes, I was working with the Flickr plugin and the thumbnails wouldn’t align correctly, thus the move in the sidebar margins…I’ve just yet to change them back, but thanks for reminding me!
    @Both, I actually do have a Colophon(about) Page that my styles got messed up on so I jerked it until I can get it working again. It does, of course, give credit to Michael for his incredible work in Kubrick and I apologize for it not having been up on your visit.
    Thank you both for the comments….