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WP Security Audit Log

Keep an WordPress audit log of all users' changes and other under the hood activity - Identify WordPress issues before they become security probl


Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
See logged in users? 2 WPWhiteSecurity 7 months
[resolved] Calss Missing: SimpleProfiler.php 8 WPWhiteSecurity 8 months
[resolved] Uncaught exception 12 WPWhiteSecurity 8 months
[resolved] Log files 2 WPWhiteSecurity 8 months
[resolved] Unchecking 'custom field' items does not disable audit entries 4 WPWhiteSecurity 8 months
[resolved] Logs are not truncated 6 WPWhiteSecurity 8 months
[resolved] Disable "Delete alerts older than" 4 WPWhiteSecurity 8 months
[resolved] Admin cannot access settings 3 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] Fatal error 4 andrewsj 9 months
[Request] System notice when scheduled posts are published 6 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] Log is empty 6 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] quick questions: who can view alerts; & "unknown error" box 4 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] Error at logou 3 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] User deletes own account 2 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] Failed Login detected as unknown 2 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] Showing Unknown User Logged Out? (but never logged in) 11 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] Accurate timestamps 7 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] MySQL 200% CPU time "copying to tmp table" 17 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] Version 0.6.2 deleted all records 4 WPWhiteSecurity 9 months
[resolved] .htaccess file flooded by WP Security Audit plugin 2 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] Php Errors with WordPress 2 Step Auth 5 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] get_called_class failed to call because PHP 5.3.0 required 6 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] feature request - re failed login attempts 4 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] Not an issue 2 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] PHP Errors - Enables sensor for alerts generated from PHP. 14 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] Log keeps saying I've disabled an option after updating the Comment Blacklist 4 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] Errors showing since 1.2.0 upgrade on Multisite install 10 WPWhiteSecurity 10 months
[resolved] Fatal error 4 WPWhiteSecurity 11 months
[resolved] event date on multisite 3 Boyington 11 months
[resolved] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted 6 WPWhiteSecurity 11 months

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