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Advanced LaTeX plugin. Native LaTeX syntax. Allows custom preamble, TikZ and other packages. Zoom-independent visual quality (SVG).

Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
Unknown error 3 advanpix
Is there a filter that will allow latex in WP-Pro-Quiz answers? 1 statstutor 3 weeks
Size of a single character rendered slightly smaller than normal 1 Math Vault 1 month
[resolved] Shortcodes not recognized in comments 2 statstutor 1 month
[resolved] Cannot connect to QuickLaTeX server 4 advanpix 1 month
Mobile Responsiveness and Image Rescaling 2 advanpix 1 month
[resolved] Compatible for wordpress 4.5 2 advanpix 2 months
[resolved] Compatible for wordpress 4.5 2 advanpix 2 months
No basic settings have effect 7 advanpix 4 months
[resolved] WP QuickLaTeX Show code and then output 2 advanpix 4 months
[resolved] Using \label{} and \ref{} outside of equation numbering 8 advanpix 4 months
[resolved] Does not work with WP 4.4.2 3 advanpix 4 months
QuickLaTeX + bbPress + BuddyPress 1 antonv 6 months
[resolved] xy-pic arrow tips do not render in SVG 7 advanpix 7 months
wordpress caption for a tikzpicture figure 4 advanpix 7 months
[resolved] themes with which the plug-in is not compatible 4 advanpix 7 months
[resolved] Compatibility issues with PHP7 2 advanpix 7 months
[resolved] Can't connect to QuickLaTeX server 8 advanpix 8 months
[resolved] Can I Use [latex]LATEX_SYNTAX[/latex] shortcode? 2 advanpix 10 months
[resolved] pgfplots --> fillbetween 7 advanpix 1 year
[resolved] Border around formulas 4 advanpix 1 year
[resolved] Error memory size! What to do? 2 advanpix 1 year
[resolved] How can I add support for $latex $ 5 atpresent 1 year
[resolved] Not working with FSQM 5 advanpix 1 year
[resolved] Quick Latex with bbpress 4 advanpix 1 year
Greek characters in quicklatex in WordPress? 1 eliasbyvasoula 1 year
[resolved] Cache images locally not work 2 eliasbyvasoula 1 year
[resolved] Site hanging when previewing (or viewing) page with Latex 2 cowenphysics 1 year
does not latex within other plugins 1 orbifold 1 year
[resolved] Cannot activate this plugin 2 Varut 2 years
how to enter latex code in web page in wordpess 1 arif siddique 2 years

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