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WP Migrate DB

Migrates your database by running find & replace on URLs and file paths, handling serialized data, and saving an SQL file.

Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
Free Support Expectations and Response Times 1 Delicious Brains Inc.
Finding the new URL and the new file path 2 Morten Rand-Hendriksen 3 days
Mor10 video for wordpress migrate DB 3 Morten Rand-Hendriksen 4 days
Urgent Export/Import Issue 1 brianzulberti 1 week
JSON error 1 Mayur Jobanputra 1 week
"WP Migrate DB" without document root - subpages not found 2 madlak 1 week
Website is only displaying links, NO visuals whatsoever 2 madlak 1 week
Change utf8mb4 to utf8 1 thecatweasel 1 month
502 Bad Gateway 3 dooza 1 month
This free version working with multisite? 1 ravipatel 2 months
WordPress error at end of migration 6 sheriffderek 2 months
Migration failed cannot find any help online 7 sheriffderek 2 months
duplicate permalink 1 gereby 2 months
For large datbase and so many tables 1 tom 2 months
For large datbase and so many tables 1 tom 2 months
Can wp-migrate-db in the uploads folder deletable 1 bobcatou 2 months
DB transferred but not showing up on the site 3 trivum 2 months
Serialized text is being altered 1 tmurrayxsolla 3 months
[resolved] After migrate database serialize added mult backword slash 1 ravipatel 3 months
Protocol changed from HTTP to HTTPS after pulling 1 LeonardShelby 3 months
Missing pages and posts after migration 1 feuerkralle 4 months
The migrated file is not being downloaded 2 lernerconsulting 4 months
static front page only on staging, not on local 1 tomhermans 5 months
sql not exporting? 2 KhidhaBoy 5 months
Migrated DB bigger than exported and migration failure 1 dbolius 6 months
Site URL for styles are being repeated twice 1 ride_the_whirlwinds 6 months
503 service unavailable during export of DB 1 SRD75 6 months
[resolved] WP migrate export file inserted question mark to the content, content missing 4 aries_larry 6 months
Could not find the file to download: 2 Sarah Haruel 6 months
NO WORK 1 alepremier 7 months
JSON Decoding Failure (#144) 5 jamesmalvi 7 months

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