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Efficient many-to-many connections between posts, pages, custom post types, users.


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[resolved] Warning: Could not find direction(s) (...) Line 16 3 seocadiz 2 years
[resolved] How to query connected attachmets 3 Manny Fleurmond 2 years
[resolved] Get connected "from" instead of "to"? 2 scribu 2 years
Connecting to anonymous users? 1 Mitsugari Yamamoto 2 years
Error on Plugins Page 4 Herm71 2 years
filtering results by tags 1 gendem 2 years
[resolved] WP_Query vs. get_posts for p2p_distribute_connected 2 scribu 2 years
Using connection meta to choose thumbnail? 1 owenwalz 2 years
[resolved] Discrepancy when doing queries via P2P plugin vs via P2P-Core 1 Manny Fleurmond 2 years
Use of compound indexes 3 Jason Judge 2 years
Getting the Post Type(s) on the other side of a connection 1 Manny Fleurmond 2 years
[resolved] Still missing data after 1.4.1 31 seocadiz 2 years
Widget with thumnails 1 hesesses 2 years
[resolved] How do I update meta on 'from' connection when 'to' is t 3 TCBarrett 2 years
[resolved] Is this the plugin I need? 4 scribu 2 years
[resolved] Modify shortcode html output 2 scribu 2 years
Validating mandatory relationship 1 aaron@rossano.com.au 2 years
Post2post with Event Espresso 3 aaron@rossano.com.au 2 years
[resolved] draft/other statuses in shortcode? 4 econofast 2 years
Is it possible to favorite a page? 1 solid_snake 2 years
posts 2 posts - How to orderby by conneced posts 6 Cristiano 2 years
[resolved] query with multiple post types and same relationship overrides results 3 aaron@rossano.com.au 2 years
nested relationship condition 1 aaron@rossano.com.au 2 years
relationship query 1 aaron@rossano.com.au 3 years
[resolved] p2p_init vs wp_loaded 2 scribu 3 years
Adding admin controls to an existing metabox 1 sstasio 3 years
Order main query using connected item title 4 Tim Smith 3 years
Get conections in an archive page 2 Tim Smith 3 years
administrator form post list of some categories 2 Thiag 3 years
[resolved] $connected not working in loop 2 msartori 3 years

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