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HyperDB is an advanced database class that supports replication, failover, load balancing, and partitioning.


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Shard Just One Table Into A Different MYSQL Server? 2 Juan C. (PotterSys) 1 year
charset not supported 2 JoeIzzard 1 year
How to make HyperDB play well with W3 Total Cache 2 fanatix-jrippon 1 year
HyperDB Failover 1 b0rman 1 year
BUG: HyperDB breaking a "SELECT FOUND_ROWS()" query with alias 1 treschlet 1 year
SELECT ... FOR UPDATE is sent to read server when it shouldn't be 1 Joe Hoyle 1 year
svn tag for 1.1 1 archon810 1 year
hyperdb must set a database connection for use with escaping 7 Mikel King 1 year
HyperDB causing frequent MySQL connection errors 3 JordanThurston 1 year
Debugging HyperDB 2 plembo 1 year
wordpress 3.8.1 & hyperdb 7 wpReg 1 year
HyperDB Configuration Help 2 jpalmerx 1 year
Speeding up WP site with millions of pages (not multisite) 3 sonnycool 1 year
I want to share wp_users table of my two websites hosting on same server 1 ravigusain123 1 year
[resolved] Partitioning table post into several databases 12 adlbeat 1 year
Support for 3.8.1 2 mhcurlee 2 years
Database Replication on Shared Server 1 deejayM 2 years
How do we know when Hyperdb runs out of resources 1 arif.vbridge 2 years
Can we still use HyperDB on WPMU after reading changelog 1.0 first line?? 1 Webburr 2 years
Undefined variable: write 1 George.k 2 years
Why WPDB need to connect to a database before a query made? 1 rahul286 2 years
Continued: dbDelta issues w/ HyperDB 1 meglio 2 years
Bad gateway 2 vincentpl 2 years
MySQL SSL Support 1 ttyS0 2 years
[resolved] how install? is not cleared 6 stafford.ritchie 2 years
[resolved] I have the following settings but I am still not getting write to master 3 David 2 years
[resolved] XMLRPC not working 2 xotihcan 2 years
HypderDB and Master/Master DB replication 2 John Peden 2 years
Query Multiple Databases with HyperDB ? 1 5pArxz 2 years
How to Specify Tables 1 howtomakeWP 2 years

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