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Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management


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[resolved] Edit Events Page - how to change anonymous content 2 angelo 1 year
[resolved] Gibraltar missing from country list... 2 angelo 1 year
[resolved] event image not shown via scaled placeholder 2 angelo 1 year
[resolved] How can i remove Time zone abbreviation in EM 3 zodiacfive 1 year
[resolved] WooCommerce Integration - something that only just works 11 Julian Fox (greataussiepie) 1 year
[resolved] single-event.php -> show only if current member is in same group 2 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Search form with ' doesn't show result 4 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Using Events Manager with UPME 2 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] from "unauthorized" to Redirect to Create an Account (Buddypress) 4 angelo 1 year
[resolved] Unable to get the pro version of the plugin after successful payment. 4 Sabita Sahoo 1 year
[resolved] Enqueueing Scripts in Functions.php 2 angelo 1 year
[resolved] Restore Posts from wp_em_events 2 angelo 1 year
[resolved] 404 Error for single event page 4 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Events Manager Images 4 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] styles uncheck 3 Friedrich72 1 year
[resolved] markers array in em_maps_locations_hook 12 juanjoeag 1 year
[resolved] wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 655 2 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Add Event - doesn't save any thing 5 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] How to have full-width calendar display? 4 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] How to appear events in a calendar format? like a scheduler 4 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Not saving tickets 5 stjennifer 1 year
[resolved] Event Date and dynamyc field with gravity form 5 onirgoc 1 year
[resolved] Export Calendar 2 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] MUltisite Display just 1 Categorie on Subsites 8 Cleese 1 year
[resolved] Calender Display in Group 2 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Integrate with Twilio 3 GideonKimani 1 year
[resolved] Group by Date, events under wrong month 5 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Is it possible to import data from different calendar plugin? 2 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Unable to get the pro version of the plugin after successful payment. 2 caimin_nwl 1 year
[resolved] Multiple Events on Single Day WPML 404 Error 8 starsbynight 1 year

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