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Easily add custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP code to unique CJT code blocks and assign them wherever you want.


Topic Posts Last Poster Freshness
[resolved] How to insert jquery-responsive-tables in a page 4 wipeoutmedia 4 months
URGENT BUG?: when using regex, the code block is shown in the Entire Website! 18 Marcelo Pedra 5 months
Can't save anymore 2 wipeoutmedia 5 months
[resolved] jquery and audio embedding 15 The One 5 months
Having issues installing plug on genesis framwork 2 wipeoutmedia 5 months
Where to place csv file for php fopen function? 1 Violutus 7 months
CJT and WordPress Dashboard (home) 4 wipeoutmedia 7 months
[resolved] Adding and tags 3 Ahmed Said 7 months
Adding code to the login page 2 Ahmed Said 7 months
[resolved] Is this the correct plugin for me? 7 Toni 8 months
Could I only add my css and jquery code to the entire site? 2 wipeoutmedia 8 months
Hundreds pf errors in my server error log 3 wipeoutmedia 9 months
jquery code block won't save 4 Ahmed Said 9 months
[resolved] Constant error dialogs! 2 buttmcbutt 9 months
Bug: plugin can't apply for private custom posts 3 Marcelo Pedra 9 months
[resolved] CJT Backend Blank 3 wipeoutmedia 9 months
cjtoolbox won't load!! 3 wipeoutmedia 9 months
[resolved] Basic Questions: How to get code to wrap in editor 2 Ahmed Said 11 months
Misuse of special keyword(controller) from url 2 wipeoutmedia 11 months
[resolved] can't get cjt to install. gets stuck on step 4 and stays there indefinitely 4 wipeoutmedia 11 months
working to insert js for pages, but not for categories 3 andrew55 11 months
Problems to assign blocks to custom post types 2 wipeoutmedia 11 months
Want to Embed HTML5 Motion Comics on my Website 2 wipeoutmedia 11 months
[resolved] Multisite installation 6 Ahmed Said 11 months
Need to insert code at the top of the header 6 Ahmed Said 11 months
[resolved] Do you have to insert JavaScript into header or footer only? 4 Ahmed Said 11 months
cannot create code block on fresh install 15 Ahmed Said 11 months
Rare PHP error 17 Marcelo Pedra 11 months
[resolved] just disappear the editor 4 Ahmed Said 11 months
Does the plugin provide shortcodes? 3 Marcelo Pedra 11 months

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